Soldier Story lyrics


[Verse 1: Z-Ro]
Where I'm from killers go dumb
Usually death is the outcome
Welcome to the jungle, where kidnappers haunt you
The streets, they really want you
I'm serious, no smile on this block, gives answers if you curious
Good times disappear quickly back into a mist
Shooter hardly ever miss, that means I'm accurate
Crack the pitch man, pretty soon I'mma have to switch
Scratchin' the itch with paper cuts on my index
The real riders shoot up blocks and screams who next
Like my n***a "Two-Tecs", he tote two tecs
Done been in beef before but in Houston they call it plex
Gotta know the protocol, I'm warnin' y'all it gets deep
So deep, the prison guards'll put you to sleep
Rest eternally, no comin' back ya O.D., overdose
This neighborhood got me comatose
Back against the wall, another statistic I know

The streets always been my daddy and mommy is the county jail
I'ma soldier and I'm about my mail
And if I get busted I'm not about to tell
Cause I'm a gangsta
The streets always been my daddy and mommy is the county jail
I'ma soldier and I'm about my mail
I ain't tryin' to do right, I'm already livin' in pain
Cause I'm a gangsta

[Verse 2: The Product]
The gas prices too high, the pay raise is too low
I'm better off in the game flippin' kicks like Judo
Or out somewhere pimpin' gettin' money and by the two wholes
That's why I'm at the lab of the product, spittin' you flows
Feds' watchin' my hood, entirely too much gun play
Neighborhood basketball stars slain last Monday
Raided the neighborhood, king pen last Tuesday
If this was goin' on in your neighborhood what would you say?
Given the opportunity to tell it to the masses
Lower middle class still a carryin' bus passes
Young girls givin' birth before they hit the ninth grade
'Bout to be a mom and can't even make Kool Aid
Who made this crack anyway? Told us about the heroin
Sold us alcohol and the guns that we carry 'round
Can't blame us for everything goin' wrong in the States
I don't blame a n***a for nothin' he do to get cake


[Verse 3: Scarface]
It's like the ghetto's got a heart and a soul, a mind of it's own
A hunger for a young cat to die 'fore he grown
A lust for a young girl to slide down a pole
She's always fallin' short on her goals
The street life is cold, it's either win or lose or you fold
Money is the root to all evils what I was told
When everything you thought you'd believed in was a hoax
You put your faith in front of those demons
And when the smoke clears, the truth appear
The fight for your life, the struggles of a wrong versus right
And wrong won, a song sung in the keys of reality
When death crosses your path, blood shed tragically
So automatically you come to a close and realize
That no matter what we key to the codes
I seen the hood swallow muthaf**kas whole
Then sh*t 'em out in the system ain't never make it home, that I know


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