High Note lyrics


[Verse 1]
She steady tellin' me her dude ain't the type she like
And the reason she ain't leavin' is 'cause "he's so nice"
On Due to special occasions like birthday sh*t
That's election just in need for some birthday d**k
You can spend it with your man y'all can walk them malls
Tear that motherf**ker down I just want your draws
That's why I'm laughing everytime you call
'cause I know that you're in love with how I broke it off
The n***a strokes too soft and she a beast in bed
And when she f**ks she talks pu**y is deep and wet
And I don't need the taxes I don't sweat the b*t*h
And sworn and damn and that's some texas sh*t
And I won't f**k's em on the first day, I peeps they mind
So they know that what they havin more important than mine
And when I'm deep inside with speed devine
I'm movin grown she screamin hard, which means that I'm...

[Chorus (girl screamin in the background)]
Makin you hit the high notes (she hittin' the high note)
Makin you hit the high notes (hey you hittin' the high note baby)
Makin you hit the high notes
(I can makin you hit the high note)

[Verse 2]
From doing daily at the movies going out the broads
Make you look like you're a couple when it's not at all
How it is in actualities you close your mouth
We do better gettin' tracin' down important talk
Understands that you got a man is probably not
In the end is something both is something seasons out
And even if we are just friends that don't justify
You being seeing with a boy like him
'cause boy that's bad and they know before it's over
You be bend over my sofa while I bust that ass
And while that n***a takin' pictures of you behind your clothes
Sendin' roses to your office while he's crying and soars
Stuck wonder while you leavin mouth in the cloth
She's floppin' with your business what somebody been told
She was probably a hoe, probably somebody you know
On your cell phone dial while you hittin' that note
Now we squeezin it for...


[Verse 3]
If she a hoe in the beginning she's a hoe for life
And I can't understand how n***as make these hoes they wife
You got hoes that's filipino you got hoes that's white
You got hoes from Puerto Rico that's just cold as ice
And it is what it is ain't no changin' the facts
It was a shame when you only thought they came in black
Now how insane is that, had a change of heart
Though you have a worth then it came a pork
Then she hangs with boys you need to tell your broad
Said until she met him she never came this hard
And the shamest part while you at home relax
I make her eyes, I try to brake her motherf**kin back
On the balcony bend over lookin bad as hell
Finger f**kin her and slappin on that ass as well
See then inhales that long excel, and then you hear
The sounds of an orgasm yeah, yeah I was...

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