Redemption Song lyrics


I'm too hard to kill, I refuse to die
Sweat tears and blood, paid dues alive
In these streets I roam, I've been blessed to live
Could've easily got caught up in my yesteryears
But I'm here, My story remains the same
I ain't changed a bit, I speak words of pain
From a frozen heart, lost what's left to lose
I'm alone and what I promise is death to you
And it's true my only fear is I have none
My conscience makes me keep me to myself cause I blast one
And I can fall asleep right next to a dead man
I'm cold, I put bullet holes all off in your headband
So, bring me death cause I've been itchin to see
If it's an afterlife, aim it at me, c*ck it and squeeze

Please... back to back to back to back to back to back, n***a
From my first f**kin album n***a
And I still can't be f**ked with, trust me

I'm the truth in here, I give up what's real
Not afraid to die, not afraid to kill
But afraid to lie, and too scared to steal
Cause what's mine is mine, and what's his is his
In these streets it's clear, punishment's severe
If that line is crossed that's when them guys appear
It's like nothin you've seen, so f**k what you've heard
It ain't what you believe, cause it's deeper than words
If that silence is broke then somebody's comin to blow
Holes in yo' upper body, leavin a bloody coat
To be viewed by these dues who feel like this
When it's enough said it's bloodshed, believe that sh*t n***a
Cause we that sick n***a, you see that b*t*h - get her!
Cause he that snitch n***a, so squeeze that's it figure
That you watch what you say, you say it and die
What you cherish is close to me so don't testify

Straight up hood n***a, made it rappin
Yeah, caught a break huh
My life put down in words homey
That's some real sh*t, yo

A rapper - you hated to love, respected and feared
What I'm capable of there's nothin they say in our ears
I'm a soldier for fortune, I've got murderous plots
Plus I'm suicidal, walkin this parking lot
With my dangerous thoughts, I'm a dangerous dude
When I up it and c*ck the hammer I'm aimin dude
I came in to do, I'm a killing machine
And with life comes a price so I triple the fee
When it's trippin with me, either you win or you lose
In the end he who wins is he who finishes fools
I'm sentencin you, to a home in the sea
With the lint in your pockets, you rolled with weed
Exposin the weak, you hoes fin' to sleep
With the fishes b*t*hes and y'all should know the demeanor

Yeah, everything that I say I am n***a I am
Know the rest of you motherf**kers wish you could be that real
I tell you what my n***a, be real with your motherf**kin self
I am Facemob n***a~! I am the best n***a
I am the back to back to back to back n***a
Y'knahmsayin? Yeah

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