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"Biggie Smalls Got That Hype sh*t"

"Well, who is 'Biggie Smalls'?"

Notorious Biggie Smalls in full effect
Got my DJ Fifty Grand in the house, you know what I'm saying
I'mma nice LONG rhyme on this funky track
You know how we get down, yo

[Verse 1:]
Shake your head and say damn (yeah!)
When the words from Big-man
Explode like an ash-can
While DJ Fifty Grand
Kick beats like Van Damme
That fighting ass n*gga?
Introducing the supreme Bigga, n*gga!
Yes, it's the B
I break with the bonus
Bumrush bums and b*tch-ass opponents
Buck plugs out ya brain
Break your back bone
Send ya back home
Back to the wack zone
Try to underrate the heavy weight
But when I dominate, you couldn’t wait to play me on your tape
Press rewind, maybe two times or three times
Here to rhyme, to blind your mind like Moonshine
Biggie Smalls got b*tches in Brazil, boy
Use a rubber if the b*tch is on the pill, boy
The complete opposite of a kill-joy
Stick-ups, shoot-outs, hustling, I get ill, boy
n*ggas run up, they say 'Big, I wanna battle ya!
I think I could burn ya!" from where, Attica?
Look at you, you're shaking like a pair of dice!
And when I rip ya, rob ya, roast ya then you'll say I'm trice!
Man, don't try to gas me or juice me
Smoke you like a loosie
I pack a MAC, you pack a deuce-deuce, G
So press up
Before you messed up
That's your best luck
The kinda sort, run you over in the 4 by 4
And the tag on your toe will read Derelict
Pass the blunt, I take a hit
Pass the drink, I take a sip
Pass the skins, I take a dip
Pass my loot, before I flip
Man, brother, man, brother man!
I thought you knew the pedigree of the B.I.G
Cut emcees like lumberjacks cutting trees
Rip microphones like Freddy rip kids
Like car rigs do bids
My burner's always there
To the back, to the side, to the front
Smoke a blunt, break ya like Ivana broke Trump
You little young chump
Yeah, reach for your gun
Make sure you get done
Be a ghost like Michael Landon
And the rhyme keeps flowing
Like the rabbit with the drum, I keep going and going
And showing MCs how to flow, yo
I smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffs the llello
"Be slow bro!
Slow down before you get slowed down, quick!"
Which burner you wanna get hit with, pick!
I'm the wrong n*gga to be f*cking with
So sit back and admit, Biggie Smalls got that hype sh*t!

[Hook x4:]
Biggie got the hype sh*t!
He got the hype sh*t!

[Verse 2:]
Lyric enhancement is a must
That's why I bust
Dope raps like a burner bust caps
I'm used to making tracks
That's why my rap sounds like that
I get my props and all my pats on the back
B-I, double G-I-E Smalls
Who the n*gga in the place? Watch him fall
Check all the pockets for some loot
Take the girl, knock the boots
If she's cute, I'm the pimp, she's the prostitute
Hey! Sippin' on the heineken
Ain't a rapper finer than
The B.I.G and Fifty Grand
Suckers better try again
Before you get lifted and twisted
You better smoke a spliff, kid I'm gifted
Fill it to the tip, with the dope sh*t
n*gga fifty-shot clip to my hip
Skip to my lou, special shout-outs to my crew
Fifty Grand and the OGB flucture through
I'm dynamite, out of sight on the mic
Three and two, Frank got ya sleeping with the night light
So wake up and smell the coffee
You're nothing but a softie
Rappers screaming "Biggie, get off me!"
Don't have me go off, G
Cause I'm just lukewarm
And I'm not the type to toot my own horn
But uh, toot toot!
I take my timbo boots
And just lose it
You f*cking piece of bowel movement!
My tec got a long clip
Biggie Smalls got the hype sh*t!


Shout outs to Junior M.A.F.I.A, y'all know what time it is
My man Fifty Grand, and his man
Ayyo, my man Big O in the house
Recognize that OGB in full effect
I'm out

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