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"Benz or Beamer"

{"It all started at an accident scene on Bankhead and Ashby
It's not clear if the suspect caused it; it is clear he wielded
A hammer and told ..... to get out of his car."}

[Verse 1]
[Big Boi]
Yeah, now check it
From alligator belts to patty melts, I be that smoothest n*gga
So how do you figure that Atlanta don't be pullin dem triggas?
The Southernplayalistic pimp is up in this b*tch
Man, my folkers up on that track, complimentin' that wickedness
See one is for the money, two is for my n*ggas who jack
n*ggas ain't takin' that sh*t no mo', they got big Benz and Cadillac
My gat is in my lap, so whatchu wanna be startin' now?
I'm p*ssin' up on Jeffrey's Dahmer grave, that cracker was foul

[André 3000]
Too close for comfort, too close to home
Too close to be playin' your boy, so hey, why don't you get your own?
As long, as I got this legally
People see that we can be on top of things without causin' another n*gga sorrow
I know it seems it ain't enough to go around
But keep on holdin' on like Goodie Mob 'cause it's a better day tomorrow
That's all I can say, can't tell the future
Tomorrow's another day but today, they just might shoot you
For your ride, f*ck your pride, hide better be out your seat
Quick and snappy with a happy face before you bleed
Ask me, if that material sh*t is worth your life
I don't know about yours, but if so, you smoking pipes, right?

[Hook 4X]
Either want a Benz or a Beamer

[Verse 2]
[André 3000]
Deep in the Dungeon for these many months
Amongst the Dungeon Dragon as we pass around dem blunts
Had to cut it out like shears, but for years I used to burn 'em
Gettin deep off in my thoughts just to get sh*t off my sternum
Chest/chess, I never played but made many a moves
I still blame it on the session 'cause I can't remember the due
I guess, I feel that getting a Benz is out of the question
The world is yelling Hootie Hoo but in my pockets nuthin but
Gum and lint, to sum the sh*t, up, I'm broke
Nothin' but hope, so Big Boi, tell 'em what you toke

[Big Boi]
I'm travellin' up to Jersey with four keys off in my trunk
And thinkin' of startin' the ways to get that motherf*cker crunk
See yes I be that n*gga that with that sess off in my chest
Smokin' and chokin' them token blacks, that wanted to test
See strong n*ggas survive and the weak n*ggas they die
I never f*ck no white b*tch, I stopped eatin' at pig stys
Be activatin that Lo-Jack 'cause the Fleetwood has been stolen
Campbellton Road is open, the B-I-G has spoken
'Cause it's like this

[Hook 4X]
Either want a Benz or a Beamer

[Verse 3]
[Big Boi]
I got these thoughts, similar to the ones in Call of the Wild
Up in the Benz is where I be doin' about a hundred miles
The world is f*ckED UP how these n*ggas be driving drunk
Vehicular homicide with their bodies off in your trunk
To me the car does not belong, I use that strong arm robbery
Robbin' spree, look at me, W-M-B backwards
Takin' you to the chop shop with these verses
Comin' around the projects make you sleep off in dem hearses
I got a word of wisdom, for those who must resist
You'll be needin' a physical therapist, 'cause you can't f*ck with this

[André 3000]
While you sat down by the seashore thinkin' about some seashells
I was around the corner from Pleasant Hill thinkin' about the V-12
But maybe not for long because I just done seen the light
I'm packing my screwdriver so see I'm gon' be alright
Just moving the steering wheel side to side like a slalom
Now I ain't got no problem, I'm just breaking the steering column
I spot him, in the middle of the MARTA parking lot
I'm hearin' a voice in the back of my head yellin "Andre stop!"
But do I stop, naw, I figure it's a come up
But now I'm goin' down 'cause the folks wanna run up

[Hook 4X]
Either want a Benz or a Beamer

(*scratched* Mmm...drop)

{"These days, the best way to deal with a carjacker
Is to simply give them what they want."}

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