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Viktor Vaughn

"Evil Grin"

[Verse 1: Captain Murphy]
I'm the captain of the ship, b*tch, word to Rick Reed
Like a rorshach in a scripture, behind the veil I fail to see
A thousand words in pictures, listen this is how the boy fly
Hit the stage in the cage, but now them b*tches don't fly
Now all about the follow back, and hit me with the DM
Text the address and I'll find you in the PM
Have a blunt and whiskey ready, when you go to greet him
Leave the lashes on her back and then leave her when she's cleanin' up
So pledge allegiance to my deviance, we walk into the night again
Get a glimpse of my inside and left no traces of my feeding side
Hide away inside my mind, seventh hell, heaven help your kids
Helter Skelter for whoever smelt it, smeller delted it
So now my name is all you holy b*tch n*ggas talk
But clint and I could walk the hall of fame and hawk of flying flames
See my trips, these days the same now
Except when I'm in the city all these n*ggas know my f*ckin name now

The night I showed my evil grin, same night I killed my evil twin, sun rise arise and die again

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