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Nikki Giovanni

"Capitalist vs. Democracy"

Socrates once questioned who am I. Sacheles questioned why do I exist. Aristotle summation of the questions asked is I think therefore I am.The book of Genesis defines the purpose of life is human selection. Some of the greatest empires rose because of personal freedom had fallen because of greed of human extremism. The role of extensionism is the plight for freedom over death which is separated from truth

America is an capitalist Indogma of a separatist movement which some of the greatest empires have fallen from. I refer capitalist views with feudism. Feudist believed that the wealthy control the government. France had a feudalist system unable the poor from sustaining. Slavery in America incapacitated the slave to free labor. Slavery was a form of a feudal society. Charles Dawarism believed a nation who relies on slavery would lead to a better economy. Freudiest believe that in a capitalist society that relied on lower income from middle class while 75% wealthy Americans earn more like fascism it could predict the fall of the cast system in America like Italy. Julius Caesar and Alaxander the great some of the greatest socialist leaders in Greek and Roman society suffered from a pragmatic society. Where toltarerism lead the end to the German empire. Where socialist and democracy dominated America for equality. Where egalitarianism became a method of deplomacy

President Lincoln wanted to establish a socialist society in which integrated America into a democracy to create a stronger union. The confederacy was a republic that supported slavery. The Civil War was fought to establish equality and freedom from its pragmatic state of society. Marcus Garvey stood between radical reformation to the advancement of equality by using the universal capitalist system to create jobs for black enterprise. In a democracy we all contribute our economy becomes more profitable

The state in which I am in is the place for what I am. Many blacks fall short living in a reoccurring cycle of poverty since slavery. Many people thought that if they had more opportunity they would be better off through better education, better jobs, and better pay. In reality no matter how much they improve they find themselves seclusive in the same in dogma of poverty

Prison compared to pragmatic form of slavery indoctrination that blacks are subjected to. Political beliefs are said to target a group to contain the problem to enable the race to extension. The reason we live is to exist. We are afraid of dying. We live to define our purpose of how we are going to survive

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