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Morgan Page

"Ball Till Ya Fall"

Yea... fresh
Late hours
I promise ya
Ocean city view sky line
Straight view bird nest b*tch
Big money poppin you understand
Talkin and smokin kush
Every day we all good
Chandeliers marble floors

Ball till ya fall
Ball till ya fall

[Gucci Mane:]
Some of u gunna love this
And some of you gunna like this
I'm ballin outta my mind
So I mite need a psychiatrist
I'm ballin b*tch ballin b*tch
Sources to new orleans b*tch
The shawtys with the stupid
Looks my watch looks like it's
Crawlin b*tch I don't get no touch
Downs and I don't have a crossover
I cross the country in your city
Touch down and itsz ova I ball 7/24 ain't
No need to pause I ball
When leave the store I shake down the mall
I'm a dog f*ck her like a dog treat her
Like a dog I'm a blob I'm a f*ckin
Slob write that in your blog
Me and baby ain't no maybe ain't
No probaly a certain you ain't
Workin then you hurt playboy
Push it back I close the curtains

b*tch b*tch ball till you fall b*tch b*tch ball till you fall b*tch
Aligator kush n*ggas smoking out the pound

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