Grey Reverend

"Begging to Borrow"

Isn't it something when we've got nothing left
To say
A head full of questions and a heart of
Suggestions beating away

Out of the island, caught in a storm and lost in
The sea
Out of endurace, like building a forest to hang
From a tree

I set my sights too high for climbing...

Isn't it crazy that you called me baby so long
Loving you madly, well I guess we weren't
Happy after all

Chasing devotion and basing emotions off of
Seeing the ending, are we just pretending?
Or begging to borrow?

I set my sighs too high for climbing
I found a place where you fit right in

It's the back of my mind
And the tip of my tongue

The back of my mind

Because I'm looking for someone who believes

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