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Keri Hilson

"One Night Stand"

[Intro: Lloyd Banks & Keon Bryce]
Uh... (Oooooohhh)
Uh huh... (Ooohh)

[Hook: Keon Bryce]
I'm one night standing
My joy ride has just begun
Girl I'm the one that can get the job done
And not fall victim to the hit and run
I'm one night standing
No breakfast in bed today
Soon as day break I be on my way
MIA back to JFK

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Shorty damn near mine without the whip and chain
Bet if I don't get the pus*y, I'm a get the brain
Whether she knows or don't know what the scriptures saying
I'm a player with a league pass, ma I get the games
Whether I hit her don't hit she won't forget the name (Banks!)
Lloyd Banks you know the yellow n*gga with the change
A frozen hand on the metal when I whip the Range
I'm sitting sideways, dazed and switching lanes
There's a 60-inch plasma in the master room
And we can sleep the whole morning and f*ck away the afternoon
I had a way with words since I had a half a moon
And I'm touring the world all winter, I'll be back in June
You ain't got to handle a mop, or push back a broom
There's maids for that, this where the paper with the papers at
Scars are a part of my story I can't take it back
Maybe that's why I look at sh*t like that.. (Yeah!)

[Hook: Keon Bryce]

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
And its the same thing around the way
Just a lot more drama, you have to swing around the K
I never got the ones I wanted just the ones that wanted me
Look at her, she got the vapors cause I'm on TV
Looking' like a million dollars in that blue GT
And my Reese and my blue EV's, b*tch please
I have you feeling like you hit the jackpot
Cause my back shots, equivalent to crack rock
I have you hooked off, di*k prank calling your b*tch
Going back and forth with your friends paintallin' my whip
Besides I done gave you the sign, you just wouldn't read it
Now you feeling like Keyshia Cole and You Should've cheated
So ho, I pay it to never mind
Mind on my money, money keep sh*t together, I'm
Probably going where you drove and looking
Listening to the radio and half way out of Brooklyn
Good looking

[Hook: Keon Bryce]

[Lloyd Banks & Keon Bryce]
I'm one night standing... (You know how it goes...)
I've got to leave you girl... (I be here today... Going tomorrow...)
I'm one night standing... (Uh!)
I've got to leave you girl (Haha... Pick me up yeah...)
I'm one night standing...
Wish I could stay... But I got to play....
La la la laaaaa laaa laaaaaaa....
La la laaaaa...
La la la laaaaa laaa laaaaaaa....
La la laaaaa...

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