Killian’s Red lyrics

William Tyler

I'm putting this night down to bed
'cause I was sitting at the bar
Hoping you'd walk in the door
That says Killian's Red
'cause I left you a note that said
Come on out and we'll both get
Right off of our heads
And float up off the chair
We'll go on vacation tonight
Under a sun of neon light
And I almost love this town
When I'm by your side
You woke me from a long sleep
And I'm almost back
Closer than ever
To finding the hidden track
If I told you the truth
You wouldn't like what I said
I almost believed I was dead
There'll be no more waiting
You're gonna melt all the ice in our heads
There'll be no more crying
You're gonna make it all better instead

I get secrets at night
But they don't stay
I get secrets at night
But they go away

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