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Juelz Santana

"Serious Business"

J.R. Writer A.K.A. serious business
Writers block part mother f*cking 3
Welcome to greatness c*ck sucker
June 27, history in the making my album
It's gonna shut sh*t down
You know its been a lot of mother f*cking talking in the streets
I'm here to shut that sh*t down man
Ok, get in tune with me fam
Knoxville...Ebonics (Wooo)
Yes sir...bring the beater
Ok, Dipset n*gga
We been bring that powerful music to the table
Year after year man, consecutively (true story)
What else can you ask for man (uh)
I go by the name of J.R. Writer A.K.A. the writer of writers
Man I done had plenty of names (but what) but today (what)
I'm show you way they call me serious business
Let's do it

Aw, I bag'em box'em, magnum pop'em that'll stop'em (stop'em)
I from the crack and bottom
You need them packs I got'em (here you go)
sh*t it's a fact they mob'em (why)
p*ssy ear (ear), p*ssy chain (chain), p*ssy ring
Jeweler got bladder problem (bling)
I keep that damn raw, cross from the damn store (come holler)
In the trench, on the bench like I can't ball
Fresh off of cam tour, trying to get me some cash (Cha ching)
Go out and get it, I didn't just sit on my ass (no)
Let them digits go pass, I'm supplying the white (here you go)
Soon as I run of of this, take a ride to the heights (we out)
Just be honest I'm nice (nice)
Be prepared for the beast (why)
This not a damn song, you can compare to the Cee (no)
I'll flare at you peeps (bla), you wear those a week (week)
Who you go seen at us Teairra and Bleek (Bleek)
Lets go back in, I will cook'em today, push it and spray
He ain't got to be near for me to put him away
It's J.R. Writer you better shut up ox (shut up)
I'll break the roc let I'm bout' to setup shop
Then.. head up top, basically the lay low
New number, new home
Change my name to pueblo (no speak english)
Shake'em off like 5-0, switching it up circularly
Put away that ass and get me a little merkery (let get low)
That goes for you and the rest of your crew (why)
Throw up your diamonds, know you biting wrestlers too uh

Listen man, this ain't no label I just sign to man
This right here is family, fam you feel me
You cross them, you cross me man
This is a movement, I move with man

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