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Juelz Santana

"No. 8"

[Intro: Conway]
Yeah, you know who the f*ck it is
Y'all n*ggas pus*y man
I see it
No wonder you walk around f*ckin' mad all day, you broke!

[Verse 1: Conway]
Ayo, Statik Selektah
I got these n*ggas strappin' their vest up
b*tch n*ggas get to talkin', then I'm grabbin' the Heckler
My OG's said, don't let these rap n*ggas stress ya, uh
Especially a n*gga you had under pressure
The Mac on the dresser, it had a compressor
So you don't hear sh*t when it clappin it wet ya
Out we lurkin' all day, and if I happen to catch ya, two things - black bag or a stretcher
I'm back and I'm fresher, never been to college, nah
Never had a professor, but I just got a package from Hector, whoa
I'm straight n*gga, writing down a set of weight n*gga
But I'd rather be in the studio going apes n*gga
You just a rapper, stay in your place n*gga
Before I had the goons blickin at your wraith n*gga
Stay in your lane and be safe, n*gga
Or get hit with the 30 in the face, n*gga

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]
Ayo, no soul b*tch sold my sh*t
Your pockets got holes, I guess your cheese all Swiss
Let me squeeze tech got it running like boat, n*gga
White stripes on the fatigue coat
Fear of God high tops
My rhyme's got a clean [?]
[?] time stop
I never idolized no n*gga, never!
Never been shook of no n*gga, never!
Took over the phones in the building
18th street stabbed the n*gga a million times
I've seen it with my own eyes
He lost a bet on the Giants
All you seen was chunks of that n*gga flyin'
No CO's, somebody need to mop the sh*t up

[Verse 3: Termanology]
Ayo, It's a stick up
I'm in a castle blasted, throw you in a bath of acid
Every word I spat is classic, ratchet in the lavish fashion
I turn a shooter to a moving target
Trying to cop a Louis carpet
When I do this shopping for this new apartment
The leather MCM bag, it got dabs in it
Molly, Percocet, the piff and acid tabs in it
I'm just a vandal, with a hammer, with a broken handle
Rappers is broke, I'm going home to a Naomi Campbell
Virgin Mary in my bed with a holy candle
Holy water in my bathtub with gold Roman sandals
I'll rock a room but I'll be rockin' all across the globe
But rewind I had a stocking on ready to rob your gold
I'm quick to smash a cutie, even if she bad and boujee
Monogram Gucci, jacuzzi, now that's a future movie
I'm Benny Blanco with a weapon running by the train
Silencer on the smoker put gun powder in your veins
Hopped a lot of planes, rocked a lot of chains, clocked a lot of fame
And you lil pus*y boys not the same
100 bottles in a week, celebrating life
Gave the door man $100 just to shake the ice
pus*y, I'll take your life from you with the rusty eight
Earthquake your soul when I'm busting with this Russian K
Selling eight balls your boy made a ton of cake
Now we puffing eighths, getting blunted to this No. 8

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