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Juelz Santana

"Speak Her Sex"

That's my spot

Every night my little box be speakers sexing me
Just hop in the box let the drop move you around
Hoppin out them juices flow like rivers on my sheets
So much knock in it liftin' you straight off the ground
Everything I really love be coming through them speaks
Vibrate get you so wet girl long as my speakers on
Long as my speakers on, I'm cummin' strong, it's like speaker sex to me

[Verse 1]
How bout a ride, yea you?
Would you like to sit inside of this pontoon?
Sip shroom tea while the sun sets over my new seats and Caprice goes boom boom
That's right, bright like the headlights, high beams
I should get a ticket the way I lean, robbin' these rappers like me and Irene
Oops that's di*k and Jane, Oops that's my di*k in Jane
I took a shot of Jack D and I threw the dice on the board like it was a Christmas game
You got tube socks and a box of Krispy Kreme
And a wish list for the business in the back of the whip with this mystic mane


[Verse 2]
Baby don't shoot me down
No I don't know sh*t about you but you got a pretty face and the booty's round
Don't get moody now, show me the sound, I am new to town
Got a tank a gas so let's cruise around, wanna spank that ass and get boomin' loud
Ha did I say that, never mind baby girl just lay back
Not in the way back of a Maybach but the suede that's made where the queens lay at
So you ride around in a Chrysler, but my Chevy fits the best
Well get rid of that Oldsmobile, Oldsmobile's Cutlass


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