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Fat Trel

"Girl You Know"

[Verse 1]
I'm sitting in my lamb, smokin' palm trees
Girl you be stunting, you can get about me
I gotta hit the mall, b*tch I like to stunt
And I gotta get high so number two up on the blunt
And them b*tches scream "Musubi", everywhere we go
And I'm Chief Keef shawty
Yes I get alot of hoes

And girl you know, I gotta get some doe
I gotta hit a stain, I can't walk around broke
Man I'm in a daze, sippin' on lean
On my way to get some cash
Shawty gone for the the team

[Verse 2]
Where I'm from, we get it, get it in
And I'm 9 to 5 shawty, while you n*ggas minute men
She say she dig my steelo but b*tch I'm in a rush
And I got five n*ggas, so b*tch you finna bust
Lil Tony about that mula, I love him with my heart
He too busy finding Nemo, while I'm swimmin' with the shark
I'm livin' in the dark, my mind is a slave
If you disrespect the Wic, all you hear is bang bang


(Verse 3)
Feeling ? cause I ain't feeling sh*t
Chief Keef motherf*cka and my n*ggas feeling it
And my music got the b*tches steady rockin'
If a n*gga talking sh*t we can get it fitted poppin'
She did me like I'm famous, saw them b*tches wavin'
If a n*gga try to touch me, crossed his ass like amen
F-L-Y, haters screamin' "Ah man."
Guys just poked the bud got my n*ggas ballin''


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