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Fat Trel

"Diced Pineapples (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Case closed, in 2 weeks I did 8 shows
Poured like eight 4's, n*ggas sipping (?)
I'm laidback, reminiscing, just smoking
While n*ggas keep their mouth shut and their eyes open
n*ggas ain't knowing about the issues I be having
Trying to teach my brothers and my sisters through my actions
Trying to make a mill, but stay true to myself
And it's a motherf*cking shame when n*ggas do it for the wealth
Had a battle with the devil, a problem with my health
And I'm never gonna fold this the hand that I was dealt
Stress come in bunches, but the money do too
I'm a young ass n*gga from the Wave, what it do?
And a lot of n*ggas fake, but a couple n*ggas real
I be on my iPhone when while my lawyer making deals
Only for the right price, only at the right time
Daytime or nighttime, get it right, I might sign

Call me crazy -- sh*t, at least you’re calling
Feels better when you let it out don't it girl
Know its easy to get caught up in the moment
When you say it cause you mad then you take it all back
Then we f*ck all night til things get right
Then we f*ck all night til things get right

[Verse 2]
The game tough, I ain't tripping, I'mma get it though
I'm knowing that I'm killing everytime I listen, yo
I ain't handcuffing you, be kissing under the mistletoes
I be on the bus hitting cities with a different ho
I'm hopping on the plane, first class, to anther show
Trying to pay my dues everyday, it's like I gotta go
Hard to say hello, I'm always saying bye bye
Shout out to my plug, I'm connected like WiFi
Shrimp and steak dinner for a girl I got an eye for
Show her off for the night, I'm about that life n*ggas'll die for
Talk is cheap and it cost to be a boss
You wanna start winning then you gotta take a loss
Learn from your mistakes, n*gga, leave them in the past
Stop worrying about them hoes, focus on the cash
Wave Racer Gang, I'mma rep it till I'm big
I was (?) in the head


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