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Fat Trel

"The Friends & Strangers"

[Seinfeld Skit]

[Verse 1: Wale]
I keep my friends close, enemies on a leash like
Me and my haters is literally Siamese
I can define me but if I let my friends do it
They'd tell you I'm some bipolar, hard drug user
The J gets smaller, I'm loving my zone
Though surrounded by an entourage, I feel like I'm alone
A long way from normal, I try to keep it cordial
I made some new friends, meet recorder and touring
Shout out to my n*gga, it's now for a n*gga
Know some n*ggas back home ain't proud of a n*gga
They don't see my vision, grown man mission
They all see my life from a childish position
I'm the mouth of the District, nobody work harder
My heart is in the monuments, saliva's is in the harbor
So tell me all my followers, am I wrong for barking?
Am I wrong for thinking I was better off in college?
At least I'd be stable, yeah, slightly less popular
But wouldn't be the topic of my few friends talking
A few n*ggas talk but they do without knowledge
I do self evaluate, yeah, I know I've got some problems
Can't change who I am, I just try to get better
So in the mean time, keep it moving or accept that
And you all will respect that

[Seinfeld Skit]

[Verse 2: Wale]
You always say you wasn't ready for no man
But I wasn't having that, I gave you everything I had
Now everything I had are the very things you have
Tricking, king of the court, small forward, Cavs
Where your whereabouts baby? I care about you lady
And I bet you all them letters in your mailbox waiting
And I ain't never plan to be famous
So I'm a take that rubber off, I wouldn't mind having babies
With a home girl, best friend, lover, all that
Ex-boyfriend was wack, she had enough of all that
Look me in my eyes, say if you take it I'm a give it
And if I give it to you, don't you treat me like them b*tches
Please Wale, she used to call me 'Le
One day she called me early, to tell me that she late
f*ck you mean?
See my hands start to shake
I ain't looking in her eyes but her face
Cause tears falling down make me ache
We should just ignore it, you know we can't afford it
She said I cannot believe that you say we should abort it
I will not support it, what happened to you courting?
And I ain't want no n*gga from the jump, you ignored it
You just had to force it, you had to keep going
Now that little pre cum gone be having me swollen
As we go forward, I came back from touring
The DNA result, congrats ex-boyfriend

[Maury Skit]

[Hook: Tré of UCB] x2
Smiles and handshakes everywhere I go
Girlfriends, groupies, then I'm all alone
So confused, these strange relationships
I think I've got some enemies disguised as friends

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