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Fat Trel

"Sure Thing"

Yea never gotta sweat that
Your boy Los says you never gotta sweat that
The crown ain't safe what's good I said the crown ain't safe yea
They sayin' that I’m great, that ain't no debate
The crown ain't safe, worth the wait
Hey, 'bout to do it boy, I’m 'bout to do it boy
Crown ain't safe in the hood whats good

I’m climbin' to the top, why the f*ck would I let go?
Chillin' in my hood with my number 5 retros -- untied;
I ain't trippin' off a thang
My '67 Chevy paint drippin' off the frame -- lames;
Prolly spot a n*gga through the tint
Stick yo head in this window and get this __ to ya lips ... b*tch
Yeah I'm out that bodymore, you see me with all the goons
Talkin' 'bout you got them keys, what you mean -- Auto Tune?
Drop that f*ckin' top on that vert mayne, fastlane
Ballin' through the A bumpin' first name, last name
Scoop these groupie floozies, cause they trendy and they swalla
From super sports to coupes and Porches, Bentley and Impalas
Get this Uzi to ya coofi for ya pennies and ya power
Behind Coogi, Gucci, Loubi, Louis, Fendi or that Prada
Not a n*gga in my reach dawg, preach on
All white Lambi but the insides black I call it Kreayshawn
And your girl want to get married to her idol
So I shoot it in her face like Jason Terry in the finals
How they gon' stop a n*gga when the wick of my bomb lit
The sicker my swag is, the quicker my charm hit
Ya -- n*ggas is average stop spittin' that nonsense
Your CDs sound like when Scotty Pippen said that Lebron sh*t
Every bar you on but wouldn't flip you an omelette
Every comment you hard but wouldn't point at a comet
In the sky, if it flew by, you guys, spew lies
Just to get them 'oos aahs, two sides
To every story I guess yours the wrong side
Long side of true, these n*ggas see you the wrong guy, song cry
Yea I spit it like I live it cause the Gs listen
And you just lie like live with the 'v' missin'
Shout out Marty and Cory; a major part of my story
'Bout to come home from the feds, so to God be the glory
All these artists just bore me so I'm bumpin' Frank Ocean
Got Lola shotgun with me we in that thang coastin'
I ain't boastin' but the crown ain't safe
I woulda never mentioned swag if these clowns ain't hate
I wouldn't talk about the pain if I could smile all day
Wish I could take a break and take my nephews out all day
Gary and Nigel I love you but this world ain't raps
So don't be chasin' coochie coochie thinkin' girls ain't traps
You know, they see ya dreams and they deter you with sex
So keep your branch in your pants, no time for birds in ya nest
Be encouraged at best, is somethin' great in your soul
Never merge to the left continue straight on ya road

And we gon' roll, cause even when we broke we ballin'
And even when we down we shine
Just keep your faith in you and God
Don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly
Even from the home of the wire baby
I told 'em that the crown is mine
So we gon' do it baby simple and plain
Ya boy Los is a sure thing

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