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Fat Trel


b*tch we grinding
Want it?
Come and take it from us n*gga

[Hook: Lil Reese & Lil Herb]

Young n*ggas grinding
Killers stay behind me
sh*t, ain't hard to find us, cause we always shining
Look at all these diamonds
Forgiato riding
Horny model smashing
Semi-auto sidekick
But we just out here grinding, grinding, grinding
We be out here grinding, grinding, grinding
Scared money not making money; you know we got it
Got that sh*t, then come take it from us
See we grinding

[Verse 1: Lil Reese]

Take a look up in my circle, new n*ggas can't find it
Pull up on your b*tch so fast, just watch how fast she climb in
Whenever I'm out in traffic, that .30 be my sidekick
If we catch an opp in traffic, we gon' let him have it
Young living savage, all my n*ggas savage
Take a n*gga down for whatever, just to have it
And I heard he got it
I be in the hood a lot
I ain't hard to find, b*tch
I be on my grind, b*tch
I be on my grind, b*tch
I be toting 9 sh*t, Extendo with the rubber grip
That is hard to find, b*tch
Extendo with the 30 clips, you can not just find it (Naw)
Turn up on a f*ck n*gga, call it perfect timing


[Verse 2: Lil Herb].

You can see me grinding
Or in the GT smashing (Errk)
Me and Reesy spazzing
A million, easy access
Smoking weed relaxing (*Inhales*)
What you mean we taxing? (Taxing?)
Double G designer (What?), Louis V pajamas (What?)
Tempurpedic mattress, the nina sleep beside it
Don't need a b*tch, I'm savage (Naw)
Think all these b*tches average (Yup)
I'm busy stacking cabbage
You know what that mean
Got a lot of green
50 hundreds in my Robin's jeans
I'm a Prada fiend (Damn)
Pull up on them and I start the scene (What?)
b*tches see me, they just start to scream
No it's not a dream
Wanna suck and f*ck me, gotta knock the team (Yup)
Get a night of fame (Yup)
Later shorty, I forgot her name
Now I'm posted trying to knock a block of 'caine (I got it)
If you run up on me, then I'm popping things (Bow!)
It is not a game (Bow!), now you mopping brains (Bow!)


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