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Kool G Rap

"Universal Soldiers"

Aiyo aim, you don't wanna go against Germaine
Fire, my tongue like Constantine the wire
Biovirus make you twitch in silience
Like Richard Pryor, it's sick and violent
Trust me you the abductee, my trigger finger touchy
Try me, see if you lucky
Don't waste yourself, you ain't skilled to wear my belt
I take you back to your grandma's house
Talk sh*t to your grandma's spouse, your grandsons a bum
They make a landmark out of your mouth
Ayo anybody listen to the rhymes I commission
Anybody that don't, make the wrong decision
I let the rhythm hit him
King Kong forearms lift you off the ground n*gga send you on Mars mission
Im the origin, y'all n*ggas boring
Cloak spit black gold straight out the tarpit

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