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Kool G Rap

"This Is My Culture"

(Intro: DJ Kay Slay)
Ayo It's DJ Kay Slay the Drama King
A day 1 representative of the culture
And if you don't know the meaning of culture
Culture is a way of life

(Verse 1: Ransom)
This revolution is televised
This ain't no retribution it's genocide
That's why we never rootin' for better lives
Whenever Ran is shootin' you better ride
Never cry sabotage
You can hear the struggling every verse that I memorized
Nothing to settle or talk about or just set aside
A f***ing rebel we warrin' out like when Emmet died
Another level was born to die on the devil's lies
Make a n**** kneel when that metal rise
Without a cause i'm the cause of all of this torturous
Terror was born in an orphanage now i'm doin' better
A young black soldier then Malcom X then is error
Body trunk n****'s body jump when the shotty dunk
Shotty blastin' nobody casket's a body bag
Bet I be relevant when I shoot at the president
For being neglective we at the door and they don't let us in

This is my culture everyday I live my life
This is my culture and i'm a rebel til I die

(Verse 2: Papoose)
Intellectually speaking
I've been a threat to these heaters
An over scholar who overpowered the rest of these weaklings
Why you throw the book at me if you expect me to read it
When I bail outta jail I feel like you sellin' me freedom
Whats the definition of freedom won't you tell me to meaning
Is it to be free and dumb you ain't catchin' me sleepin'
This is food for thought got everyone next to me eatin'
Incredibly cause my recipe's heavenly seasoned
Winter, spring, summer, fall focused every season
Every man for himself is that the message you teachin'?
On the battlefield if they get the best of me squeezin'
My man layin' next to me bleedin' you tellin' me leave him
I got the memory of a elephant heavenly breathin'
I got the aim of Oswald when he left Kennedy leakin'
I got the infrared on your head and instantly beamin'
I got the energy of a man with a felony fleein'

This is my culture everyday I live my life
This is my culture and i'm a rebel til I die

(Verse 3: Jon Connor)
Back to the basics they takin' the things i'm sayin' that's sacred
As if they scroll through the pages of the book they dated n****
Northside resident welcomes you to it's element
F*** an election they only worry about dead presidents
Ride slow when 5.0 becomes your wild vote
Baby mama crib they've been waitin' for your arrival
Eyes low from puffin' the hydro
Tell the cops you stressin' me out what the f*** you think I get high for
Back on my s*** again
N****'s is cinnamon in the beginning was thinkin' the ways I was killed in them
I figure these n****'s is feminine i'm probably trippin' so I can just chill again'
Cause most of these rap n****'s is wack n****'s
Cause i'm from a town where they wack n****'s
For what you say on the track n****
Easy real s*** 'bout to reach for that kill switch
Hood n**** but I feel rich f***ing Bel-Air b****'s like Will Smith
He the one to tell Kingdom Come n****'s think it's funny til they see the gun
Cause them Flint n****'s could let'cha slide or let'em fly n**** either one

This is my culture everyday I live my life
This is my culture and i'm a rebel til I die

(Verse 4: Locksmith)
You dealin' with a rebel
Every record label is in the bed with the devil
Look at what they pedaled the subject matter they gathering lather up for the people yet the master's still settled
Every politician is a product for the lobbyist
That every corporation pays for it and it's obvious
They need the cheap labor to progress
Cause slavory is still legal inside the prison complex
I don't know when to be dead
N****'s don't know the identity man
Told her offendedly there is no remedy that you can literally keep with your hand
N****'s be runnin' the street with no plan
Till the police put the heat to the man
That's your bro enemy n****'s get finicky when they get threatened we sleep in a can
I don't wanna loose my mind
From the new side climb
I see it clear
That they wanna joot my rhymes
I spew at times I see any fear
I don't need a crew i'm fine
I climb the whole other level
Regardless what you feel i'm a motherf***ing rebel

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