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Kool G Rap

"Behind Bars"

[Verse 1]
I wake up to vodka, tonic, child support, lots of chronic
Hung over, blunt rolled up, just trying not to vomit
The God's honest truth? I cut my baby mama loose
'cuz the b*tch got rotten roots that made me wanna c*ck and shoot
Cops in hot pursuit, just doing what I gotta do
I'm out making product move, she claims that I'm knocking boots
But how the f*ck's my daughter gonna be proud of papa dukes
If daddy's broke, got no loot, can't afford to cop her shoes
That's not what fathers do, I make sure my daughter eats
Lock the door before she sleeps, try to keep her off the street
Her mama tortures me, of course I'm forced to deal with it
All this drama brought to me, like I'm some sort of meal ticket
I feel sickness, nauseated by the hunger pangs
Ain't trying to run the game, I want a piece, f*ck the fame
What's her name got my mother looking at her son ashamed
So I'm drinking, thinking back, like "when's it all gonna change?"

Life ain't sh*t but liquor and splitting L's
Closed off to the outside world in a shell
Behind bars, feeling more like I'm in a cell
Attitude's like "I don't give a f*ck, give 'em hell!"

[Verse 2]
I'm an alcoholic pot smoker, chances are I'm not sober
But I don't make my seed deal with the chip on her pop's shoulder
I never got over feeling like I've been forsaken
Broke, living in this basement, at a loss for inspiration
Committing sins of Satan to fill these dinner plates and
Have some dough to finish making a lying thief's vindication
Been as patient as I can, but now I'm finished waiting
I'mma bring the winds of change in for some kind of simulation
My innovation could have got me major label love
But I can't lie, instead of swallowing my pride I taste my blood
The weight above from this paper left my shoulders crushed
Like I'm in a cobra clutch, stuck, being broke as f*ck
My wifey now is real, claims I never open up
"Why you always going buckwild like you smoking dust?"
I don't know enough to answer, I apologize
I'm just stopping by to tell you 'fore I take this shot and hide


[Verse 3]
I sold drugs and took a few, all my friends took them too
Guzzling that crooked brew, ain't sh*t I'm shook to do
Wifey said "think of how your moms would look at you"
Now I'm apologizing to her for the sh*t I put her through
Used to think there were some people I just couldn't lose
Burn a bridge, watch it turn to sh*t, rebuild, good as new
That wouldn't prove to be true, the more I recollect
I was wrong, but better yet, greedy for that treasure chest
Left for death, the pressure gets to me to eat a meal
Makes it hard to keep it real, all I do is cheat and steal
What I see and feel's bottle up like ketamine
Replaced by dime and nickel schemes, balanced on a triple-beam
Every relationship I had got blown to smithereens
Drama I was in between wiped them out like Mr. Clean
I lived the dream, thinking I'd wake up and save the day
That's all I came to say, now I'mma drink the pain away


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