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First you get the respect and then you get the money
After you get the money, that's when the power come
You dig?

[Verse 1]
I'm only 23, living like I'm 32
I just made a 100K and spent it all out with my crew
I be blowing money fast, what the f*ck I'm supposed to do?
All this paper I done made, I can't take it to the grave
In a R8 Audi with the motor in the rear
I was nominated youngest baller of the year
Just think a couple months ago, I was locked up on the tier
In a cell but now I'm dropping on these n*ggas like a tear
For the way I got that Lambo in the back of me
Phantom in the front of me
Stunting on my old hoes, look what this money done to me
Shout out all them n*ggas in my hood that ever fronted me
Cause I'm a put them all on and better they run to me
Cause real n*ggas do real things
If you was real you would've went and bought a real chain (Fraud)
Fake ass n*ggas playing in the real game
Frontin' on they old block, saying that the deal came
They asking how I get all this power
Cause I be on the grind like 24 hours (Yes sir)
365 dream chasing for a dollar, I been here since yesterday, I ain't even take a shower
More money more power, more power, more business, more b*tches
Tryna holla when they see you by the dollar
And the problem when you on that cake
And when you shine, a lot of n*ggas they be on that hate
If I don't grind then who the f*ck gon' put it on my plate?
She say I'm Hollywood, well sh*t I must be on my way
With my Louis luggage straight to Californ-ia
I hit my n*gga K, like meet me by the port by eight
Uh, I had a dream like Mr. King
That I was in a phantom, color Listerine (Ew)
No top, bald headed like Mr. Clean
sh*t I ain't claiming these b*tches like Billie Jean
I'm just doing something to these n*ggas really mean
He got the money without the power, what do he mean?
He like the n*gga that ride the bench that's playing for a team
That win the champ ain't get no ticks but he still get the rings

You dig me?
You like a n*gga
Ya'll n*ggas got five rings
But you been riding the bench for five years
So that don't make you a n*gga with power
You know what I mean?
That don't make you a Kobe n*gga
Cause you was riding the bench while n*ggas was putting in the work
But you was just there and got the rings
You dig me?
That's like a n*gga with no power, I'm gone

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