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"Don't Play With Me"

[Hook: repeat 2X]
b*tch don't play with me (repeat 4X)
I ain't noone to f*ck wit (repeat 4X)

[Jizzal Man]
b*tch don't play with me don't even wave to me
It's a wrap ye ain't got nuttin' else to say to me
Make a n*gga snap or see me straight flip b*tch
f*ckin' with some G gon' get that ass killed b*tch
And if the cops come? f*ck if the cops come
Cause I'mma do the sweep, hell yeah with my shotgun
Blow a f*ckin' fuse and be wonderin' why he did that
Tried to keep it cool yeah I'm comin' to push your wigs back

I squeeze big triggers, that'll rip when I blast techs
And I tote handguns with clips the size of giraffe necks
With the red beem on it (beem on it) so I can't miss
And I shoot k's (shoot k's) with ben frank clips
What's that? That's 100 rounds...Empty? That's 100 down
f*ck with DFB and you gon hear how 100 sound
I pump and break it down, when I c*ck it and spit slug
Put your knees on your ankles, and your chest where your hip was


[Crunchy Black]
Gimme that gun, gimme that man, gimme that keys, I'm at his ass
Talk that sh*t, now see is he bad, I'mma make him do the mothaf*ckin' dance
Catch up with him, just like chad, put one in his mothaf*ckin' ass
Leave 'em all bloody, like a big pad. Crunchy Blac - I don't ass crash

[Juicy J]
I'm bout to walk up to your house knock on the door and blow your brains out
Then buck you in your chest so f*ckin hard it knock the stains out
I'm one of them crazy cats that kick your ass and knock them thangs out
I got a 12 inch di*k in your girl mouth I'mma let it hang out

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, bounce bounce star, bounce bounce star
Three 6 mafia and the franchise huuhh?
We put a b*tch on blast
Dirty south we'll blast your ass


Every n*gga that f*ck with me (test me), that's the n*gga I'mma check
Turn his whole chest into a muh f*ckin' fish net
I ain't noone to f*ck with, stuff you in the truck n*gga
Have you tracked out, trapped up, bent up n*gga
I got transporters that's workin' for a couple figures
And a couple slick colors, on a n*gga play the trigger
Shoot a n*gga down yup, that's courtesy the young dealer
n*ggas with attitude natural born young killers

Now b*tch don't play wit me cause I got the K with me
Load it up, c*ck it back, get all in they face with it
I ain't noone to f*ck wit, better get your issue right
Nut in them b*tches and he ready to light that dynamite
ZMP n*ggas hate it so I stay strapped
Run up on a n*gga and put a whole in his wavecap
It's Pimpin n*gga, steady trippin' on my off day
Blowin' purp all day run more blocks than in your ice tray


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