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"On Some Chrome"

[Pimp C sample]
I got a pocket full of stones...

[Intro: DJ Paul]
Goin' down
Hypnotize Minds!
Three 6 Mafia
Featurin' UGK
Rest in peace Pimp C!
Hold up

[Hook: Pimp C] (2x)
I got a whip that's on that chrome
(Gettin' paid motherf*cker)
Candy drip off that chrome
(On them thangs motherf*cker)
22 inches on that chrome
(Grippin' grain motherf*cker)
They won't leave us alone
(Cocaine motherf*cker)

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
Now let the pain begin
I'm born and bred off in the city of sin
The dirty dime, know that
Memphis Tenn
Where my dudes get throwed
Stuff that white up they nose
Take that kush, break it down
Sprinkle it, then reload
Where my homies ride high with a bump in the back
Sometimes might ride with a body in the back
Man, we clique in the club, our side ain't jokin'
In the parking lot, I tote and we're smokin'
Then we smash out, dawg, barkin' under the bumper
Ten cars deep got it sounding like some thunder
Riding 28's with UGK in the back
And the smoke still blowin' out the barrel of the gat

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2: Pimp C]
First day I got out the slave plantation
My n*ggas and my b*tches gave me a donation
Next day bought a spur, sliver not black
Chamillionaire gave me his candy-red Lac
And all I can remember, I was draped in stones
Everyday I drive a Bentley, I put it on that chrome

[Verse 3: Bun B]
Bun Beata, hopin' out the slab with hundred-karat jewelry
Ready to protect it, baby, strapped up with my toolery
Boys like to play but I ain't with that tomfoolery
I lay 'em down quick, this is just the old school in me
They don't wanna see a n*gga go, I might not come back
When I beat 'em down like a Paul and Juicy drum track

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 4: Juicy J]
Its the first of the month, I wanna stunt, so playa, I'ma kick it
Straight to the car lot, this Cadillac I gotta flip it
And I ain't playin' around with these streets, I just unzip and hit it
And I ain't payin' for all of the weed, n*gga, we gotta split it
You on a hood ride, then you ridin' with a bump
I got them suicide doors, 26's on the front
And that Patron and that Goose, man, I drink it from the hip
Cause I'm always at the bar, that's where all my money spent
I'm the trap man, trap man
Lookin' for a girl with fine cat, man, cat, man
I'm ballin' in the club, you know I'm rollin' I'm rollin'
I feel like Santa Claus, I bring the hoes in, the hoes in, the hoes in, the hoes in!

[Hook] (2x)

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