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"Where I Belong"

[Verse 1]
(Where I belong)
Is in a place with no racial barriers
And we all ride high in chariots
Where love means love
When we all have the finer things
So we don't gotta buy you diamond rings just to marry us
Instead I'm where they livin for bling
And people manage to sing over the material things
Where hip hop...it's no longer just a lyrical thing
Tell me God where did I go wrong?
This ain't (where I belong)
It's in a place where bad souls never get in
Instead I'm in hell's kitchen
It's sickenin...to my stomach
I'm runnin 100 mile but still can't escape from it
I pray you show me the light
It's only right
These lonely nights
I call on my momma to hold me tight
Show me right from wrong
This road I'm on, I passed my turn
But please, don't allow me to crash and burn
Just give me a chance...watch how fast I learn

[Hook: repeat 2X]
I'm tryna keep my head up to the sky
Cuz I'm stuck in this life until I die
Lord stop me from being crucified
As soon as I
(Where I belong)

[Verse 2]
Is somewhere, in someone's memory
Where we're all friends, and ain't no enemies
And there ain't no one minute you're wrong, next minute you're gone
So I hope that, by the end of this song, I am (where I belong)
Where fathers don't leave when you're born
And every page in the book ain't torn
And everyday that you lookin, they gone
And you wishin they came
You see I know I ain't from here
I'm wishin I had remain (where I belong)
No followers, no leaders
No burners and heaters
No dimes, no divas...it's pure
No...cancer AIDS, God leave us a cure
No more violence, no need for police to appear
No schools to drop out
No snitches to cop out
No drugs to sell, meanin no fiends to knock out
I'm talkin a perfect place where we all get along
That's why I know that this ain't the place (where I belong)


[Verse 3]
Is in a place where women don't trade money for sex
So cops harass you in front of your steps
Where...taxes don't equal a half your check
Where people give respect in order to have respect
(No gold diggers) tryna figure how much cash I get
(No speed limits) so it won't matter how fast I went
(Take the time to think) no decisions is brass sh*t
No alcohol so drunk n*ggas won't crash their whips
(Where I belong)
The same place where Big and Pac's at
The same place they buried hip hop at...right there
Me and my mom reunite there
Then it's off through the, pearly gates to sit down in that white chair
Ray Charles, Marvyn Gaye...Barry White did
Carry Mims Senior, Joanne Fanel right there
I dont need money, all I need is a mic there
I can see it so clear, I be there in a light year

[Hook] - 2X

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