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"Favorite Things"

Hoops, cars, big trucks
We ride rims that keep spinning (uh huh)
We stay so fly bandanas and cush linen (uh huh)
Chain swing, pinky ring, diamond things we ain't playing (come on)
These are a few of are favorite things, yeah!

[Juelz Santana:]
Now I get flyer then most do (yeah)
Higher den most do (yeah)
G4's or better how I fly through the coastal (yeah)
I'm live with the toast dude I'm liable to approach you
Like hi, then bye and I will just roast you
My dudes all the same here, we shoot off and bang here
Red dot your nose like you was Rudolph the Reindeer
I'm fast when I race cars, I smash and I scrape cars
Love candy paint, but still keep my factory paint job (yup yup yup)
I'm a mack and I play hard
Choose a b*tch scoop a b*tch then back to the playyard (yeah)
Like hey ya hey ma open ya mouth wide put your head down there
Respect me I'm a pimp 'round here
Our doors go up on our whips round here
Cause these are a few of are favorite things (yeah)
We drive


[Lil Wayne:]
Weezy f*cking baby n*gga
Pardon me I'm stunting, Tha Carter, yeah I'm young and
Audemars runnin off body temperatures look at you
Looking all shook up, I'm a fly n*gga rock my chain when I cook up
Evisu getting took up, Cavallis in the cleaners
Pirellis on the Beamer, I swear that b*tch hotter than the bullets in the Nina
You talking to a fever, n*gga get your heat up
And I'm a dirty south boy, n*gga get your teet up
I hit like Roy not Jones but Williams
Finding me a Kelly make some destiny children
The recipe is Cristal and sizzurp
Call that Crizzurp, get that from Killer
Cam that's my man, and Juelz that's my n*gga
Dip-dipset Young Money where the dessert?
Nah where the desert?
It's right up in that May', b*tch, under that Corinthian leather
Holla back, n*gga


[Juelz Santana:]
We riding big, yo (yeah), we driving big, yo, (yeah)
Stash box in the car we hiding big blow
Ask Joc (yeah yeah) even the kids know (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
That I'm the sh*t, yo (yeah)
I ride more chrome, I rock more stones
I got 4 scones, and I ain't talking cookies n*gga
I'm talking cash that last ('til when?)
'Til the day that you pass
I'm talking true facts, I'm talking true stacks
Coupes black, coupes that come with the roof back
Chasing big dough (yeah) making big dough (yeah)
That what we live for, get a grip ho
That how we stroll down here, that's how we roll down here
Spectacular chrome down here, that's how it go down here
Cause these are a few of our favorite things


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