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Gorilla Zoe

"Right from Wrong"

See I'm trying to get drunk as f*ck tonight man

[Verse 1]
You see I’m back here to rip another throwback jam
They’re like damn, I don’t know how Webby go that HAM
Lift your shirt up, baby girl, show that tan
Skin covered in cartoons, but I’m a grown ass man
I don’t care about your name, when I’m steppin’ to you
All I’m thinkin’ about is that we got some effin' to do
Sippin’ on a potion like Dr. Jekyll would do
Cause I got loose screws in my head and it’s true
I need my medication renewed I’m doing this sh*t
Start howlin’ at the moon at a lunar eclipse
Bark, growl, scratch every human I bit
And choke the f*ck out of a beat until I’m losing my grip
Maneuvering quick looking for a huge set of tits
And beat it up sorry babe but you'll be bruisin’ a bit
Whip it out so you all could get a view of my di*k
Because I never gave a f*ck and now I’m proving it b*tch

Hey, and this is my favorite song
Sing along when the DJ throws it on
I got a bag full of weed and a big-ass bong
And we gon' drink till we can’t tell right from wrong

[Verse 2]
Holy Moly, Webby’s here
Hit a house party, drink every beer
I’m just tryna find a girl real sexy here
And if you’re not DTF hit the exit dear, ha
I just say what I say, I’m drunk as hell, f*ck it
I’ll even take a grenade
Just give me a fat b*tch and a bottle a day
As long as I’m drunk, you’re never gonna hear me complain
Hey, hey, I’m the last Beastie Boy
With my di*k in a girl’s mouth like a squeaky toy
In a pitbull’s grill, rip sh*t still
Hole in my brain from all of the E pills
I’m a motherf*cking crazy dude
Eatin’ baby food, a turkey dinner with some gravy too
First place in a race, I’ma cross that line
So lock me up doc, cause I’ve lost my mind


[Verse 3]
See Webby comes back with the horse play
A liability, at least that’s what the courts say
In a bedroom, get too rough
Take a bite out of a b*tch looking for True Blood
Uh, I do it like no other
Condom in my pockets, I'll do it with no rubber
Got the bed shake and you think that you heard thunder
And got ‘em running back to me quicker than Road Runner
And I get ‘em in the sack tonight
Beat it up, I don’t care if they be black or white
Or tan, a blue, a green, I still smash it right
Make it hot, I don’t even need a match to strike
Ha, nobody could stop the beast
With a tongue this slick when I rock the beat
Sweepin’ all your girlfriends off they feet
And I don’t even give a f*ck if they got some teeth, ha


Damn, I'm drunk man, f*ck!
Couple forties deep and sh*t
Webby's Lab, as always you know
Cooking up that crack rock
Ha, shouts to Obie
Aight man, I'm f*ckin' outta here dude

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