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"True Sons of Zion"

[Verse 1]
Ahmadiyyan war
Gangstas, we know who you are
K'yeah, I’d be I know battle scars
We can see you in the near and far
We all go rise against the storm
I know not'ing I was wron'
Don't be tricked by false alarm
When you slip, that's when the guns draw

True sons of Zion
Exiled in the streets
Overseers of Babylon
Spreadin' lies and deceit

Children of Zion
Shot down in the streets
While the forces of Babylon
Want I & I on their knees

[Verse 2]
Everybody disavows anybody who said
Who, in theory, are superior, dem tink that we no need
We bleed the same color, from the same air we breathe
It don't matter about the millionaire ancestry
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