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"Red Hot Riplets"

[Verse 1: Nelly]
Uh, uh, uh, uh
I'm automatical, infatical, radical even
I wanna clearr all the misconceptions and sh*t ya believe in
I'm leavin' nothin' to the imagination
I won't stop on my Emancipation Proclamation
Through the radio stations
Facin' me, ain't that hard but it ain't that easy
Like I don't know when to play hard and when to play easy
Believe me, George and Weezie couldn't move up this fast
I'm lappin' errybody can't tell if I'm first or last
It won't hurt ya ass, but it might hurt yo ass
To come trippin', find derrty got the perfect stash
The perfect gat, left in ya ass thought I would run
Laughin' at them n***as who thought derrty was done
I'm a, son a g, I'm not a son of b*t*h
I'm makin' sure that my son and my sons gon be rich
Daughters and my daughters in no particular order
I leave em layin up out the water wit straps to protect they ball up
Cuz I call it

[Hook: Ali & (Nelly)] - x2
I need some Kool-Aid (Whaa?)
Wit my red hot riplets
(Tell em what ya-tell em what mean man)
You all that and a bag of chips
And I just wanna know if me and you can dip
That's all
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