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f**k them b*t*hes I be coolin' by myself
All them broke boys they be talkin go to hell
I stay wit my .40 just like Kenan and Kel
I stay with my brothers we be raisin' hell
Free my brother that was locked up in the cell
Glocky turnt this straight to auto making fouls
I'm a big dawg I ain't taking L's
You stay at the bottom homie oh well


I made him, so he hatin
Got a .45 on my hip them bullets racin'
I've been jackin since a jit but I ain't haitian
Ace pulling up with 3 K's like he racist (yah)
I can care less 'bout where I'm goin'
I be sippin' potion, Texas drank you know I be pourin'
I just pulled up causin' a commotion
And you know I'm ballin'
Booted off my xans I need more b*t*h

(Beat fades out)

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