Bucktown lyrics

Nasty Jack

[Verse 1: P Money]
Oi, yo, they think they're top notch
Roll up, man will start bunning these hot dogs
10 o'clock news, Crimewatch and Watchdog
I stay underground but the ting goes pop pop
I make the block jump, I make the block hot
I turn a puffer jacket into a crop top
Head gone when I crop tops
Call your dad down, get your pop's pot
And when I go all-out, I go nonstop
Two smoking barrels, it's all lock stock
Jump in the cab, cab man knows what's what
Gun's to the back of his head, do not stop
Pull up on your estate, pop pop
Turn an E-Class Estate to a drop top
Moving pro fresh, looking at the stopwatch
Breeze in, breeze out, quick, quick, chop, chop

[Verse 2: Jammer]
They ain't spitting no pain
I was on the block, I weren't getting no brain
I weren't putting in work, I was shotting cocaine
When I think back now, I was f**king insane
Look at me now, I'm at the top of my game
Me and my Gs don't care about fame
Dare one of them try and pocket my chain
Start swinging like Tarzan, knocking out Jane
Them n***as ain't able, they're on 'caine
They're birds, man, they're sucking on Wayne
My Gs don't act up, none of them are Caine
Them Gs are loud and broke, nuttin' ain't changed
My n***as are glorious
Back to the Future, Delorean
Do it B-I-G like Notorious
25 b*t*hes on tour with us, victorious

[Verse 3: Rocks]
Get spun like a wheel, Tokyo Drift
Flick through MCs like I know their list
Then I steal a man's shine like a solar eclipse
Make a mad bar look emotional tiff
Hands all over the globe, I'm a king with the words
Bang with the flows, put you into the dirt
In the ground with the worms, that's another soundboy burnt
All of you clowns best divert and splurt from the war
Watch when the curtains get drawn, get support, I'll serve up some more
Bars on the platter and I'm serving it raw
Done with the chatter cause the circus is flawed
Tryna turn up, get turnt to the floor
To the windows and to the walls, none of you spitters can ball
Fling on a mix and I'm killing it all
Po with the lines, you can give me a call

[Verse 4: Saint]
You must be talking sex in the soil
If you saying that you've done dirt
Yeah, I can be a little childish, calling me a c**t
But it's all fun, make sure that I beat the c**t first
He said, she saids, f**k that, bun him, bun her
Kill him with one verse, that's unheard
My nice browning with a bumper
Said she could handle the heat, now she's sunburnt
She got a good body but if she don't
Tick all of my boxes, I don't even want her
So don't watch me, that's none of your concern
Said you're gonna gun buck me, when you bucked me
You was all stuttering, uh, er
Um, er, you don't back beef, you run first
No CVs man keep, see we've done work
Clapped, thunder, si-

[Verse 5: Nico Lindsay]
Shook back then, now everybody's hood
Ate 'em up anyway, bars in my book
Fire like under the pork when you cook
Telling me you're sick but you're not, you're a mook
Telling me you're sick but you're not, you're a mook
Scroll down, see your vid in a clip, never looked
Telling me you're sick but you're not, you're a mook
Scroll down, see your vid in a clip, never looked
Black magician on the mic, no juj
All this big in the game chat, shush
Man wanna chat loud, actions come like bush
Could've murked [?] one word, shush
sh*t hit the fan and you jumped in a bush
Them MCs shout 'bout when shanks get jooked
In a war, disappear from the scene, no juj

[Verse 6: AJ Tracey]
Went Rinse's show, you've seen what I'm on
Me and Jammz will put the fear in a don
Tryna aim a lyric at me, that's long
Try and track it with the mandem and get bombed
Ice bucket for the champagne, no long
Peng Mrs looking Moscow, so blonde
Sitting here, now all the drink made me think
Is this girl's body or the vodka too strong?
Make your whole crowd miss the drop, that's me
Come through shotting on the block, that's me
Tryna war and you'll get shot, that's me
Tooled up and the strap's c*cked, that's me
Like selling weed to buy some true, that's you
Come through living off your mum, that's you
Talk sh*t and you'll get a thump, that's you
Like you never had the money for a gun, that's you

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