The Anthem lyrics

Nasty Jack

Nah nah nah, Westy

[Izzie Gibbs]
Told man that I move like Esco
Said you're a bad boy cool let's go
Guarantee if my boy dem reload
Nobody, nobody's gonna go home
Man I tell Grim, man I drop that flow
Don't know why man think they're so cold
Nah rudeboy not one of them's road
Catch them on the road not one of them road

[Jinx Touchwood]
Me about, CMD about
You know what we be about
WV about, rep when we about
They know that a real G about
What, and I deliver it proud
Still got dem man tryna figure it out
Getting impatient someone give me the crown
If you're in manna kicking you out

Mad ting when I spit those bars
Man know I'm sick so they gringo large
Don't lie to yourself yeah the ting's sold off
Still winning living like tings can't go wrong
Still big, still sick still, these in charge
Still don't care man still roll in cars
On segway man I'm still in charge
Still roll past feds like oh wagwan

Don't try jump in a clash get kaka
Young G's sent for the mash like kaka
Knee mans brains in his lap like kaka
Hit your girl from the back like kaka
Don't try jump in the clash get kaka
Young G's sent for the mash like kaka
Knee mans brains in his lap like kaka
Hit your girl from the back like kaka

I was getting high like Cheech and Chong
Heard your mixtape no decent song, not one
Everybody's got that flow
That's like Eminem's hair when he bleached it blonde
But me, I do grime like its normal
You do grime but you're awful
And your chains and chaps get robbed on a regular
So why'd you keep grinding for more jewels

There's nobody like me in this game
That's why nobody likes me in this game
Different picture, different frame
Different frame of mind I switch and change
Heart of a lion equipped with brains
Memory of an elephant, whips and chains
I'm the one the system let slip away
Run away slave in a different way

Man are like Mez you're a real man
Would've thought that I came from Isle of Man
Man don't know I'm the Nottingham man
That's why I've got a very funny accent man
I wouldn't buy a stereo off a typical man
Cah' I'm not the stereotypical man
I'm the original man
And I'm also uncle Mez man

[Rico Don]
Sleeping on me then I'll give you a nightmare
King of the throne you're just the king of your high chair
f**k a 1 on 1 my don's don't fight fair
Little dogs bark but the big ones fight fair
140 beats that's my comfort zone
Hotling bling it's a pumping phone
Body man throne from my young pin zone
Warm up don now it is hunting mode

It's Phidizz, oh boy
Ripping up sets and I'm like "oh boy"
Shove my ting in your gyal like a stab wound
Got her in the bed screaming out "oh boy"
When I drop bars manna like "oh boy"
Whenever you drop bars man make no noise
P to the H-I-D-I
Two Z's you know my slogan "oh boy!"

Umm, Shadow come tru like "silly"
Man wanna diss take the p*ss so you "silly"
That b*t*h wanna suck a n***a d**k quick
Imma make that wish come true like "silly"
And the lord knows you're not to get "silly"
'Cause a man's orts cut now I get "silly"
When I stab man blud you might hear "whoopsie!"
Steel scorpion and torture 'em, "silly"

Everyday trap my G
When I spit no lies, real trap my G
Got the wickedest fire [?] my G
Money loves me I show love back my G
You smoke crack my G
Just gimme the P's I got the packs my G
You're a loser, not a top track my G
When I'm present know that I rap my G

You ain't levelling me it's just one of them
Names got a buzz it's just one of them
Man wanna cuss it's just one of them
Gyal wanna force it's just one of them
If there's a few links that I can make
Then I ain't gonna want just one of them
Irn Bru it's just one of them
Ain't much you can do it's just one of them

I'm ready to spin you, spin you
Guarantee I can spin all of your crew if I wanna
Oh I see your girl looks nice
But none of my mandem are on her
'Cause she's a dirty stinking slag
Her pumpum looks like a kebab
You might as well call that b*t*h doner
She'll suck any man off for a little bit of dollar

[K Dot]
Yo, I dare man try me
Box man out of their air max 90
I came to shell down, rare man
Bareback lighties, make a mosh pit
Bare mad white kids
I came to shell down, rare view
Batty man just came to stare at my d**k
Dare man fight me
Knock man straight out quicker than I stared at pikey's

I be like *Ooooo*, these man are gassed, don't come around here
I'll be with a bat and a shank at your door
If your chatting that grease then I run down there
I'm a small guy and I hold my force
When I release I'm a big black bear
I'm that guy that will come to your door
Kick off the ting when no one's there

I can get dark , d-d-dark
White complex but everyting dark
Black nank, black mask, everyting dark
Don't mean *ROOF*, when I say bark
The sides stay dark and the lights stay dark
I stay dark, manna mindframe dark
Everyting dark, try me nah
Even my pretty little light babes dark

[Kay P]
Its 2016 not 007
Like shh I don't wanna hear talk for second
I'm literally, living in hell
And I can't tell if I'm ever gonna see heaven
No you can't step to [?] I'll dead him
They're 3 man up but I'm not threatened
I'm Kay P, [?] I'm f**ked, I might dead him
I'm cool, but I'll flip out in a second

Im like eughh, f**k what ya heard
Im not a sheep don't roll with the heard
On my ones ill take out ya heard
Tell a waste man get outta her'
Im like ahh who's in charge
Did ya not know I'm a beast with the bars
Limb for limb I'll tear you apart
Make man pray to the lord they be like, "oh god"

I'm a musical gypsy
And I'm always stoned or tipsy
Black lungs and a swollen kidney
But your girl's still trying to link me
Went school, never listened in history
Name for my city I be trying to make history
I'll even spit grime on indie
And I'll graft and grind till they gotta put me 6 feet under

You wanna make a threat
You little space cadet
I'm illusive, ya better have your aim in check
I'm exclusive, me got a name I rep
You wanna spin me, place your bet
If man are talking 8 for 8 no I
Hold it down like a paper weight
Levels been high from early, wake 'n' bake
But, leave that for a later date

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