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Nas & Michael Kiwanuka

"Up the Ladder"

[Intro: Herizen Guardiola as Mylene Cruz]
"I know this one, keep playing it
And you tell me what I know and what I don't"

[Verse 1: Herizen Guardiola]
Come with me
And we will shall run across the sky
And illuminate the night

Oh-oh, I
I will try and guide you
To better times
And better days
Don't be afraid
Come up the ladder to the roof
Where we can be
Where we can be
Closer to Heaven
Closer to Heaven
Closer to Heaven

[Verse 2: Herizen Guardiola]
We'll laugh and I'll tell you the story of love
And how it is, and the happiness in it, baby

[Bridge: Justice Price]
Clear as day, dark as night,
Dark of light, bereft, contrite
Butterscotch queen, broke heart's delight
So far away, I've lost my sight
A candle flickers, life, this river
f**k, I'll miss her
I can never hope to hide it
I ain't Sir Lancelot, I can never be knighted
I'm straight blinded, Bronx born blighted

Switchblade fighted, double-sided
Heart divided, grinded, cursed, forever misguided
This wrong... cannot be righted
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