Soft Gentle Brilliant II lyrics

Corey Kilgannon

I see it in the center
Of every living thing
A bird circles the ocean
Or a cat falling asleep
The stillness in the void
That swallows all your questioning
Answer honestly
You can only let things

Be the way they are
Everything is happening now
All that exists

This precious moment
Darling you hold it
Let it go

I feel it in the places
And the people that I meet
A thousand ways to say hello
Only one real way to leave
They hustle in their cities
Saving up to purchase peace
All my wandering
You can only learn to

Be here now
Everywhere’s the same
Look inside
It’s all you can rearrange
Your precious soul is all you can truly hold
Let it go

Let it go
Let it be
Be here now
Along with everything

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