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Can't Take a Joke by Young Money
OVO Sound Radio Episode 65 Tracklist by Drake
Rone vs Big T by Rone
Soul vs Cee Major by Don't Flop
The Saurus vs DNA by King of the Dot
Shox The Rebel vs Soul by Don't Flop
Trill P**** (Freestyle) by Young Social
Drake - Energy (Anime) Remix by Omoi
2015 The Breakfast Club Interview by DJ Envy
Pat Stay vs Charron (Title Match) by Drake
Schemin' Up by Preme
Arcane vs Caustic by King of the Dot
13/08/2017: Oxxxymiron vs. Slava KPSS (English Translation) by Genius Translations
The Top 10 Worst Lyrics of 2013 by Rap Critic
Meet G-Eazy: A Rapper Who Outsells Phish But Is Still 'Almost Famous' by Rolling Stone
Deceiving by Drake
With You | Hip Hop Mix (Emotional Rap Music) by Witt Lowry
Shotgun Suge vs T-Top by URLtv
Kid Twist vs Shuffle T by King of the Dot
Pat Stay vs Math Hoffa by King of the Dot
T-Rex vs Hollohan by Drake
Pound Cake (Megamix) by FinnyFromFlickr
Vince Staples: 'My Job Is To Keep My Sanity' by Vince Staples
Barry Bonds (Freestyle) by Drake
Heart of Darkness (Section I) by Joseph Conrad
Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal by Shotty Horroh
Kanye West: A Brand-New Ye by Kanye West
Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness (Section I)” by Mr. Allen
Forgot About Dre Freestyle by Stormzy
Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness (Section I)” (2) by Mr. Allen
Oxxxymiron vs Dizaster by Dizaster
Tsu Surf vs Calicoe by UDubb Network
A. Ward vs DNA by King of the Dot
The Race (Megamix) by YBN Nahmir
T-Rex vs Charlie Clips by URLtv
Pat Stay vs MarvWon by King of the Dot
Legend by Drake
Never Say Never by Sinéad Harnett
Let Em Know I'm Real by Rick Ross
You & The 6 by Young Money
J. Cole - January 28th (Polish Version) by RGPolska Tłumaczenia
Pat Stay & Rone vs Marlo & Shuffle T by Rone
Rone vs Head I.C.E (Title Match) by Rone
Classic Thread Archive by Genius Users
The One After the Superbowl Script by Friends
Dizaster vs Arsonal (2013) by Dizaster
The NYU Lecture (April 11, 2012) by Lil B
50 Best Songs of 2015 by Genius
Dizaster vs Arcane (Title Match) by Dizaster
Uptown by Lil Wayne
PoRich vs Dizaster (Title Match) by Rone
User Interview: streetlights ???? by Genius Users
Tim Westwood Freestyle by JAY-Z
The Top 5 Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard...This Month (February 2014) by Rap Critic
Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don by URLtv
Pat Stay vs Illmaculate (Title Match) by Illmac
2015 Zane Lowe BBC Radio Interview by Kanye West
Ulysses (Chap. 15 - Circe) by James Joyce
That's all right - august 12 - midnight show by Elvis Presley
Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips by URLtv
Kanye West. Zane Lowe. Full Interview by Kanye West
Charron vs Charlie Clips by King of the Dot
Daylyt vs Loe Pesci by Daylyt
Daylyt vs Rich Dolarz by Daylyt
Bow Down by Cryptic Wisdom
DrakeCare by Joey Purp
Money Baby by K Camp
In Camera: Live Interview by Kanye West
No Reply by Denace
Finnegan's Wake (Chap. 1.6) by James Joyce
Chapter 13: Minister Malcolm X by Malcolm X
How Kanye West's Creative Company DONDA Is Making Its Own Brand of Cool by Complex
Conceited vs Tsu Surf by URLtv
Arsonal vs Aye Verb by URLtv
Illmaculate vs Chilla Jones by Illmac
Ulysses (Chap. 9 - Scylla and Charybdis) by James Joyce
Chapter 6: Detroit Red by Malcolm X
Loe Pesci vs Ness Lee by King of the Dot
Orlando (Chapter 6) by Virginia Woolf
2016 New Year's Cypher by ¥oung Hiney brokeBoi ????
Jay Rell vs Lexx Luthor by King of the Dot
Undaground Choppers 7 by 701bonez
Marv Won & Quest Mcody vs Carter Deems & Chedda Cheese by King of the Dot
Cortez & Math Hoffa vs Rum Nitty & Ill Will by URLtv
User Interview: ScopeY by Genius Users
Dear Universe by Lauren Sanderson
Charron vs Manaz Ill by King of the Dot
Tonight by Isaiah
Duck Fuke (Strap to Strap Reply) by SeeNick
2017 Wrap Up by Rapman
January 28th (Live) by J. Cole
2011 Rap Up by DeStorm
Free Floating Hostility by Mac Lethal
Young Money: Rap, "Step," and V-Dubs (And the Vampy Weeks Rap References You Missed) by Vampire Weekend
100 Most Upvoted Annotations of 2013 by Rap Genius
The 100 Most Upvoted Annotations of 2013 by Rap Genius
January 28th by J. Cole
J. Cole - January 28th (Tradução) by Genius Brasil Traduções
Jab by Shotty Horroh
J2 by Grant Schubert
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