Walk Into the Sun
[Verse 1: Prince Poetry, Pharoahe Monch, Organized Konfusion]
The sun reflects off of the waves at sea
Rain support roots that implants the tree
There's a breeze, in the park, kites fly high
Under the branches, convertibles fly by
The sky blue, fields green
Paints a picture that creates a scene
Of the destiny that controls my fate
Reflections of light creates shapes
Inside of this particular sphere, I see kids in the street
When I pass, I go, "Beep, beep, beep"
See the Black boy over there runnin' scared?
His old man runs numbers, summer's
Comin' and he'll feel dumb if his son
Doesn't have a new pair of sneakers
So he combinates people's numbers in sequence
When played straight, but not in the leaders
Hip-hop pumps inside of Jeeps and cars
It's daytime, but we still peep stars
Parties every night, we gotta move, we gotta go
We gotta step, let's jet

[Chorus: Organized Konfusion]
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun, ha-ha
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun, ha-ha
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun
[Verse 2: Pharoahe Monch & Prince Poetry]
Love and hate, black and white
Right or wrong, who is right?
Some smoke joints to anoint their brain
To the vanishing point so they won't go insane
Mother, may I? Yes, you may
Take two giant steps to go out and play
I got next, sorry duke, I got my five
You better call next and step to the side
There's no specific topic of speech in this rhyme
I just wanna go on a ride
On a kaleidoscopic tree, visually
Individually, we go our separate ways
To get our haircuts and moustaches trimmed
Rockin' a t-shirt, shorts with thick socks
With my boots that I nickname Timber
Here comes they fall
I can remember when we used to chill and hang with Paul C

[Chorus: Organized Konfusion]
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun, ha-ha
We gotta get away, we gotta do it now
We gotta walk into the sun

[Verse 3: Pharoahe Monch & Prince Poetry]
Sittin' on a stoop while the Johnny pump shoots
Water while we eat fruits
The radio pumps, rockin' to L.O.N.S. and yes
The girls display flesh by the way they dress
The Ave surprises, the fulfilling collage
Of scratches that strike like sticky matches
Attacking techniques with combinating
Constants motivating highly elevating your light steps
When the air gets thick and you can feel the tension
I bypass Howard and detour Benson
'Cause I don't really feel like fencing today
So I chill in my own dimension and listen to the sax blow
Flow abstract the sax always seems to relax you
But at the same time, it attacks you
In this particular era of darkness
Bust a rhyme that might enlighten the mind and spark this
Trail to follow the light that's guiding you from
The evil that you walk into the sun
From what I see, it's an addiction
I'll explain to the brain about pain affliction
Grab my hand, hold it tightly
Close your eyes and maybe you might see what I see
Yo, what I said's simplistic
But what I see's not materialistic
My hay fever is acting up
So I took a couple of antihistamines (Whew) I got struck
With relief, now patiently I wait for the summer
'Cause the spring brings pollen and that can be a bummer
A terrific brother was havin' a specific get together by the beach
Rolling Rocks plus Peach Schnapps served on the rocks
The Organisms play the boardwalk, pullin' numbers from Pros' Peak
The scenario, here we go, pumpin' the Alpine stereo
Hop along the turnpike on our way to the merry-go
Round up the herbs at Six Flags, we're on a mission
Hittin' the streets of New York in zig-zags
Walkin' through the park, hark, the herald, named Erald
Who creates with charts
Central Park swarms with intellectual dialects
With the potential of the city's best emergency medical techs
So I dip, dip dive
Listen to the musicians in the park play live
The funky drummer was drumming even though he was a bum
Some couldn't comprehend the vibe that blended
With the sum, there were some who wasn't dumb, I supported with the hum
Dropped five bucks, 'cause he was the one
Yo, I gave a clap, I gave a wink, I gave a shout
I gotta meet the Monch, strike three and I was out
[Outro: Vicky]
Just a hint of memories from last year
Walks on the shore, beaches filled with bodies
No wants for work, all you wanna do is party
I just want to play all day
Don't stress me now because I'm lounging
Tops off the ride, fellas by my side
No worries or cares up in here