Start Off
[Verse 1: Lil Cargon]
See y'all gang tomorrow
It's not all we borrow
Change on parlor
Chained on like Cargo
Yeah, trap son trash
My bitch all black
Take on tat and I seen your laugh
Trade in jaff and note in stat
No clap, go, wait
Wacky a bitch been stackin' one
The Patek is wet in the pattern gun
Fence on the shit off by a rackin' nut
Seven days in and I came back 'n nut
One day was sick but I'm back again
We gon' leg in the rap again
Losers gonna kneed and slapped again
I got me millions to stab a Benz
Hey, hun pin, run rent, ooh yeah, double spin, through your skin and it costs a sin
And the mothers in, were in
In the Mutherinner rim
You could yourself in
But you could get yourself out
Must shed to defend
But it help to the doubt
But your crow is bent
Cat depends on the doubt
And your bot made of tin, yeah
Too much everyday and don't care on what you say 'cause this is my life after all, yet after all
Nobody needs this stuff
My proper got lazy and cuffed
Yeah, chained on the scene and buffed
Yeah, it's old and I'm diggin' it

[Verse 2: Jacko]
Found a bitch that lived in the pipe up
Yeah, like I am stuck to these dollars
Gimme in the 'Lock
Kermy with the frog, yeah
Tune up the pillow by top
You don't know how to talk
I bet you don't know how to walk
It took you seven years
It took me about eleven beers
To realize what's goin' on here
There's nothing for real to fear
Just stay out of the town that's square
Yeah, caught the veal with the wheel
Pop a pill, diss a sister by stealth
Gettin' real, going for ghetto reel
Gimme mil, Ghost sittin' still, all growin' skill
Ten Cano rail
Can't defend the Ville
The skinny deal
Skin shred in the bale
Yell 'round the zeal
Yet, Managelle
He cropped the drill
I need some Mountain...
[Verse 3: Lil Cargon]
I'm back, end the stats
I step in your staff
Back of yours, end your crack code
I'm instead got me with Jacko, oh
Plaque closed, not flattoed
Is this stacko, I don't stab though
I'm off broads, I got piloting
I might then start again
I don't park it, intensely far lived
Extend your fallin', a start off body
He get bossy, and your pelican totty
Ay, y'all toddlers
I swift for followers
Since the day, I follow her
I shot bent and swallow her
I'm up in the sponsor
I skate on no granola bar, damnable
Pissed in them mandible
Tints on a flammable
Wits that escape once brandable
Intel fur entertain the retainer
I fuck a brain. but it was just a vein up
Ay man, I'ma gang up in its bankster, it trip in the taker
In everything I did in this here container
Yep, set it off like Ten Brainer
Prolly got a real game changer
Snitch got stains from the blamer