I’m Ready
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I'm Ready
Artist: Papist emce

Featuring: Vicky

Produced by: Jiggy records music

Album: The Last Known Governor ( Mixtape )

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( Vicky & Pist )
I'm Ready Yes Yes I'm ready
( yes I'm ready )
Yes I'm ready
( Verse 1)
I'm Ready to Conquer The
World //
I'm Ready To Break The Wall //
I'm Ready To Score The Ball //
Trust me when I scream I'm still here
To Rock //
I'm capable on blessing The Microphone With My Rhyme
Scheme //
Album Is Not Done Yet This Is Just The First Manuscript //
My Mind Is The Bible , My Hand Is
The Word
So what I Left Behind It Makes Ya Bow Like I'm God Of Egypt//
I'm still Me The Mad Microphone Addict//
See Em Panic When I
Enter The Lane// , They're Willing To See My Teardrops Em Judas they've got no
See you later Hater Imma Keep On Grinding //
I'm Very Good On
Making Your Bae To Keep On
I'm Ready To See My music Moving Worldwide
( King Me I'm Still The Classic )
Yoh I'm Ready To kill The Show & Rock The Crowd ( ey )
Lunatic Style Man I Kiss The
World ( ey )
( chorus By Vicky )
I use to stress out , where everything man was messed out , now ima bling up so hear my hear saying im ready
( Verse 2 )
Every Person Have Their
Own Dreams // If they Can Capture How They Rolling
Ya'll see The Real
Scary Film//
Music is Like God , I'm The Angel//
I've been sent here to come N Deliver The Message//
If I sound Bad To ya Then RIP
Ain't No Obituary , this
Is Your Rite Of Passage//
The Way I Spit Guilty Rhymes
There's no reason to follow the law
So Imma Probably Let em Close the
The Case//
I'm The New Face That Runs The
I'm Not Racist , So Don't Judge Ma
I'm The Illest Out Here Ain't Nothing Gonna Change//
Frost Flow Once Yo Touch It
I let the storm
Moving To yo Flesh//
( Chorus By Vicky)
I use to stress out , where everything man was messed out , now ima bling up so hear my hear
Saying im ready
(Another chorus)