my name is big
but when i was small,i wanted be ill
dreams live,check the rhyme,yo

(1st verse,b.t.i)

seeds watch us,grow up and try to follow us
police clock us,roll up and try knockin' us
gat rhymes just had dreams of rockin nas
i'd pull dimes out church entrances be that wreckin' ass
index fingers grew faint,be that they reckon us?!
middle finger took they place,big,they recognize!
Lookin' fo' the greatest rapper of all time?!


i buckstunt on this n***as,boy,am stunnin'
i buckstunt on this bitches,hoe,am stunnin'
i buckstunt on crab rappers,backstabbers
off the country wit a street state of mind,am stunnin'
back up boy,'fore you gets bucked up,boy!!
none o'y'all can tell me nothin',y'all understandin'!
none o'y'all can hol' me back,be the last standin'!
i buckstunt,am big and yeah,am stunnin'!
Am big,and to me,big's greater than great
i backtrack to when i din't know rap
till it hit ma pad
i gat mad wit ma pen
even ma own ol' man'd front 'am on bhang
now i catch wreck wit agress,max at ma rest

(2nd verse,b.t.i),

considered a fool cause i dropped outta high school
Lord knew life finna teach how ill and rhyme
all i ever needed learn,how to read and write
so when i brainstorm i can put it down,right
all i need's one mic,one dope hip hop beat,tight!
ah,move the crowd all night
coz i sprays ya domepiece up wit this lyrical slugs
damn,like ma piece cologne
cower and shelter,ma bars will corrode
boy,i give it to the people raw
cats want cook up and blow up,ugh,crooked bro
(yo,big,cool up)
aight,i couped up
c.r.e.a.m,don' even scream wu-tang
its ma own time
ol nines in they holsters
no alter,to a virgins walk to her altar
i been blind to money,cars and girls and all that
(ya already know,fam)
i be lyin' if i tol' ya i been lyin' from the start black.

(3rd verse,b.t.i),

i stays steady strapped wit a uz,dare it to ooze
i leaves you chopped and screwed,you lose,now shoo
admittin' after me there's gon' be some big shoes to fill
i feel, like the only n***a wit a licence to kill
ah,yeah,i don' need no greenlight
boy,i gat that blue print,i floor flow, lawless runnin' a red light
bust past fronts coz i gotz
a backpack full'o'verses i wantz,buckstunt on asses
i meant assets i want share 'mongst masses
y'all,i gotz a message, yo
in this market,am priceless,word!
If i don' sell,i won't be surprised,hey
i've learned the world's backwards,so i...


word up,controversial not commercial,n***a word up,melody house productions,boy
word up,if you din't know naw you know,n***a
word up,check the rhyme yo,am ghost,word!!!