Tiffany II
Haven't really been too much on social media
Darkness is starting to settle in, I think i'm becoming a demon of
The opposite of who my church is worshiping and preaching of
My mom says she wants to run away what does that mean to us?
My days are less sunny and my rain is less rainy
Head in my hands praying can someone come save me
And this city is deserted broke hurted, chopped down and left in the dirt end
I know some of you scared i am too, fear is nothing that we settle for
Young rapper rapping too much im starting to become Mr. metaphor
In fact Mr. nobody wants you
In fact when pops left us and after that everyday it haunts you
I guess theres some paranormal in this activity
Brain cells loose my mind is starting to loose in this captivity
I dont need non of you bitches but two, and one of them is tiffany

Is this Tiffany?... Yeah
This is life calling!

Show me your empathy
Show me your empathy
I dont need non of you bitches but tiffany
Ask me who tiffany is, ask me who tiffany is
She is a part of me
Pardon me; all about tiffany yeah, all about tiffany yeah
Pardon all about tiffany yeah