Where Will We Be Tomorrow?
I see a lot of fakers
Who seem to favor telling lies
Saying that their's is greater
Eagerly waiting our demise
Therefore I have to face the
Fact that they all despise the truth
So they eliminate the
Black generals who lead the troops
So who will be the savior?
First we must murder all the weak who dwell in their fantasia
Their sweet delusion has to cease cause it was only made to
Give a false illusion of peace so life can seem much safer
The chosen leader now will speak who was sent from your maker
The one who made the earth and seas, the heavenly creator
And now your face to face with me, Jesus will feel re-flavored
The word was guided now is flesh and though the skills are major
I never claimed to be the best, I'm just the operator
Saying it's foolish to be tamed, they want to dissipate you
So who will break the spirit chains that they use to enslave you
Your probably scared of whay I'm saying, and you can be a hater
But still the question will remain...
Where will we be tomorrow?

I heard a lot of promises but saw they all were hollow
If I was lacking common sense I probably couldn't follow
Yesterday was hard so kids today ignore the sorrow
My only question is where will my people be tomorrow?
I use to say "Life is a bitch", I had to change my motto
Cause when our months are like they're years, who can be our role models?
Empty bottles in my tears, the truth is hard to swallow
My only question is where will my people be tomorrow
Just look at how we're eating
For whom we work, the way we live, we're facing our extinction
We live to see our children's kids we will see their depletion
The women molded from our ribs freaking like open season
It's sad but I know what it is slowly it's hard to lead ya
When family unity disappears, people becoming demons
The ones who forced a trail of tears are calling me a heathen?
Making uncle Tom's out my peers, I speak, they're not believing
Man, if you're scared of what you hear then man, what are you seeing?
It is the sum of all your fears, cause every word I'm speaking
Is only what it all appears, for every mind I'm teaching
I say that Glory is all his, for every soul I'm reaching
Together everybody cheers, fuck what the preacher's preaching
You have to understand the way, and no I'm not a weakling
I'd die for everything I say, but while I'm alive and breathing
I meditate and blaze a jay, and if you feel this teaching
Then honor he to whom we pray
Where will we be tomorrow?