Intro [Viracocha Mendoza]:
Viracocha to the motherfucking whoo!
Yeah, ey
Shoutout Jay Beazy
That n***a wanted the jazzy beat and I ain't give it to him yet

Verse 1 [Viracocha Mendoza]:
Everyday I'm reminded: I'm scum of the Earth
My knack for self-damnation is divine, my word
I'm passive when taking action to realign my dirt
I'm confident that my actions do define my worth, uh huh
I just spent a month stalling
My n***as steady on the come up but your n***a out here free-falling
No doubt that if I push myself, I'll be one of the greatest
But I'm lazy, often dazing, having daydreams like I made it
I spent bread that I didn't have
Working hard to get it back
Summers in the studio with Tevin in at parents' pad
Meeting folks on twitter, some were artists, some did get my cash
Scamming little n***as, talking about "we bout to making it back"
See, I did verses more deserving of a different act
Ma knows my God always did have plans
But Pops told me to go be my own man
So when I needed help I just didn't ask
And now they know me, I'm the man
I'm calling all the shots, got my world in my hands
I'm juggling the secular, the holy, goddamn
I'm blasphemous, a chauvinist, a woman-less man, comprehend?
I know it's not how moms raised me
But I've been lustful of the fairer since the age three
I got love for you moms and you really did tame me
But I can hold my liquor and my honor to remain clean
Verse 2 [The Cool Quest]:
Soul jammed up in the traffic, man
Cool Quest fresh upon wax again
Pass the damn doobie, ain't going to ask again
So many thoughts running through
It's like flashes, man
Pops left me young, I'm a bastard then
But I'm finna father the game, he the bastard then
Because he didn't know that his seed was so destined to succeed
Pessimistic we, optimistic me, positvity
Got to body beats
Fuck non-believers, this my prophecy
And I see it on Caesar, we got to conquer
Bang the shit like a conga
We getting stronger
They just hating hard
Esé the Maverick, Ambassador, can't do no wrong with their magic
Protect it, it's blessings, it's essence, it's flavor
Layers I drop make you shake in your socks
Pull a brake and it stops
Greatness, tossing n***as like extra weight on slave ships, that savage
Spit until I can't breathe, asmatic
The end of the beat and my homies in awe at my respitation
Yo! I'm back at it
These kids getting salty
Salutations, later fucking crack addicts
Leave them pills alone, n***a
Verse 3 [OG the Dude]:
Ey, why you sleeping on C.D.?
Make a n***a pop spots, C-3P'
When I'm on the mic, you can't see me
Like I'm John Cena sitting in the ring
Hold up, can you hear the fat lady sing? (Hee)
Young n***a feeling like Bruce Lee
Bar chop trees, I put them on the loose leaf
Then I break down and roll up on the loose leaf
Man, I'm so faded, life so jaded
But all of the bullshit from you haters
All of my n***as are like gators
We'll snap off your head, like Darth Vador
Then put it in a box and mail it to you later
We're that savage, for that cabbage
I fein for the green like a silly wabbit
They told me Trix are only for kids but that don't matter
See, they feed it to your kids until they get fatter
Then I roast them up and put them on a platter
Tastes like chicken, don't it?
Now all your sisters and your brothers and your n***as want it
Ey, flow so nice
Keep it so cold, so I keep it on ice
N***as hate, trying to stop me at a red light
Like I'm Biggie Smalls, got the biggest balls
All the hoes are wet like Niagara Falls
Got me on top now, I could never fall
[Bridge: Lazy Ass Specialist] (Beth Gibbons)
I'm just a worthless child of the world
Hey hey hey
I wanna yell about it
I wanna yell about it
Hey but my mama love me
She run & tell about me
She run & tell about me
She run & tell about me
Just a worthless child of the world
Hey hey hey
I wanna yell about it
I wanna yell about it
Hey but my mama love me
She run & tell about me
She run & tell about me
She run & tell them about the kid
(So don't you stop being a man
Just take a little look from outside when you can)

Verse 4: [Viracocha Mendoza]:
It wasn't meant, black
We left the hungry in the hood and had to dip back
But then we made it, they replaced and flipped the script, black
It's safe to say they marked our places, can't forgive that
It's all my fault: I was complacent to begin, black
Ignoring every last precaution, I resent that
I have my moments when I'm all up in the mix, black
But then I'm out here making distance, like, boy, get back
I lost my brother when I hurt him, never meant that
I lost my mother when I never learned of strength, black
So what's it like to be alone without your kin, black?
And what's it like to be a n***a with this tent: black?
And what's it like to be a n***a, with your friends, strapped?
All these boys is busting, the motto been either dead or in jail
They stopped the lynching but we hang ourselves
We blindly do it, we don't love ourselves
In search of heaven but we can't leave hell
You saying I should trust you?
Bitch, you can't even trust yourself
How can you love, you don't love yourself?
You take the drugs cause there's no one else
You saying you can trust me?
Bitch, I can't even trust myself
I can not love, I don't love myself
I trust God cause there's no one else
N***a, its worthless!