Psycho Realm
Unknown Soldier
[Verse 1: Sick Jacken]
The unknown soldier
Came back when the war was over
He gave his life to keep the order
And comes home unknown
They give him the cold shoulder
Borders die like troops that take sides to break widespread panic
And it don't matter if they lose their lives
Some survive, so much for patriot pride
They arrive, nobody welcoming those who fight
And the unlucky ones who fall get no love at all
Get scribed on the wall, memorial plate, cause fate called
The body hauled into the garden, the problem solved
Only if the corpse is found and undissolved

[Verse 2: Big Duke]
Now it's a struggle, for my life to stay humble
When the lines of sanity disappeared in the jungle
Rumble, my mind is torn between calm
And sick ass storm I'm in trouble
I lead double lives indeed
I can't wait to make you bleed, I want peace
My family can't deal with me
Please, I need insanity
My head is stuck, with memories of bullets
And who they struck so I'm fucked
Must take control of myself
Before I shift and hurt someone else
[Hook: Big Duke & Sick Jacken]
The unknown soldier
War scars the mind of all veterans

[Verse 3: Sick Jacken]
Now, the story was told to me by my folks
The old war was filled with rain and blood soaked
Our people rebelled and made the gun smoke
Had hopes to live better back then so they broke
Couldn't cope with being shut down, put down
So they found the ubderground looking for freedom from psycho realms
Outlook was dim evil filles this glass to the rim
But victory was recorded on memory film

[Verse 4: Big Duke]
Yeah, I'm insane
And the war leaves soldiers
Scarred and lost with no name
Real hard to kill and well trained
In games that bring cold flashes abd pain
Blood floods the lawn with red rain
And red down lives on in memory line
I lay awake with no escape
And the eyes in the mirror look more derranged
Don't fuck with me, my world
Is controlled by a force that keeps my heart cold
Murder unfolds from the gub I hold
And these actions keep a soldier unknown
[Hook outro]
The unknown soldier
The unknown soldier
War scars the mind of all veterans
The unknown soldier
The unknown soldier
War scars the mind of all veterans