F*** It

Yeah, we gon' do it tonight
(The legal drinking age is 21)
You know what, fuck that
Yeah, here we go

[Verse 1: N.A.P.]

Ok, last night was a party all right
We danced 'til the sunlight
We about to take time to clean up the place
But whats the point? We gon' do the same tonight

Girl, that booty got me feeling like a pirate
So I'mma steal that chest and take it somewhere private
Get ready for the evening
Got 52 aces in the deck I'm dealing

Music blasting, I'm not last in the past anymore
And the past is a bore
I'm living in the moment so I don't give a fuck
Cause I'm feeling this way, everything's on us

Damn, its the fun time of life, don't waste it
And it's not as bad as they make it
I mean, shit, 21, thats a lifetime away
So lets party it up and break the law today

And tonight girl, I'm not gonna try
To be that one and only special guy
And tonight girl, I ain't picking up the phone
So you can call but I'mma just let it ring


So everybody come around, throw your hands high
Put your lighters in the air and the drinks in the sky
To whatever's expected, we gon' say bye
Never been another night where u feelin' more fly
And a one shot, two shot, feelin' kinda dizzy
Three shot, like google, I'm feelin' lucky
Four shot, your man ain't with u is he?
Cause tonight:
(The legal drinking age is)
Fuck it, Fu-fu-fu-fuck it
And were like fuck it, yeah
Fuck it, f-f-f-fuck it
I said f-f-f-fuck it (it), yeah

(The legal drinking age is)
(Fuck it)
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Uh, uh, yeah
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Lemme hear you say:
(Fuck it)
Uh, uh, yeah
[Verse 2]

Roll up to the party
Red cups everywhere, confetti in my hair
This isn't a hobby
This is more than a dare, so I do declare

That we do a dance, do a dance
Lemme see your hands
Girl on me, take a chance
Put your hands down my pants
Did I do that? I just did
Lets go to the room and get adjusted

Cause I'm N to the A to the P
If you take shots, then I agree
Play the song everybody get down
Let's take a trip and go uptown

Girl, do a trick and I'mma have you do a show
Dont sit in the corner, get on the floor
Have the whole place jumping like a pogo stick
Take the chance like you take a photo pic


[Verse 3]

Take the time get to know me
Girl, be the lucky one to show me
How to love that body
You can be my Bonnie
Celebrate your lawlessness
And drink to our accomplishments
Forget what they say
They don't have rule on you anyway
Take your voice and shout it from the rooftops
Let me show you how to really not give a fuck