Selfish (Interlude)
I can't lie I think about you all the time
Girl you're always on my mid
Sure you're right girl, you're mine no one else's
For sure you might be the one, have u seen the way you look girl don't mind me if I touch I can't help it
You're the one and you know it I'm so self, I'm so self, I'm so selfish
You know how badly I want it, I'm so self, I'm so self, I'm so selfish

[Verse 1]
Tell me what it is or what is isn't
On vacation girl you really got me trippin
Got me thinking things because I don't know what you do while I be all up in the District
I know that you're on your way
Imagine all the time it takes for you to just, listen
I appreciate your drive girl yeah and I know you on shift
You should take a break when your working at your job at the mall real hard
Come and see me at 6
On break I can break you off I got this
I was broke now the break is off I got fixed
[?] I got keys, the locksmith