Smug Paradise
Smug Heaven
This is my Smugga World
I'm just blazing, I'm just drankin' with my dogs
Blazin', drankin', coolin' with them hoes
Drankin', blazin', just chillin' with my dogs
Blazin' and drankin', coolin' with them hoes

My life is a party, can you blame me?
Hell nah, hell nah
I do what I want cause I don't give a fuck
'Long as my moma livin' good
'Long as I'm livin' good
'Long as my girl happy [?]
I'mma keep doin' what the fuck I do
Blazin', drankin', coolin' with my homies
What's your beef? It's the Smug God
Smugga Heaven, I'm paralyzed
Every year, it's all year
Smug Family I love y'all
Just let them [?]
Goddamn, this shit wavy, I'm zooted
Smokin', you do whatever the fuck you do
Smugga Mang in the Smug World
Doin' what the fuck I want
And I know you still keep on bumpin' Smug Music