Hold me down
[Verse 1: Meltycanon]
Tell me what you know about me
Tell me how you feel about things that you see
Sleeping for eternity
The forest of my legacy
Tell me how you feel about that
All the things that you see right now
We live good, then we die (yeah)
I said we live good, then we die (yeah)

[Verse 2: Meltycanon]
I just wish this world wasn't temporary
I wish I could travel without any worries
I wish I could teleport around the globe
I wish I could meet the girl of my dreams
She's so far away from me
I just want to teleport to her
If you look into my mind
You might see the world unfold

Maybe it'll all explode
Maybe it'll all rain down from the heavens
All on me, on me, on me

Pull me down to the Earth, please
Where my body won't float away
One day maybe I won't hesitate
To levitate and elevate, yeah
(Hold me down)