Drip Threat
Im looking down the valley
And im bout to see my end
Never looking happy
Till im going to ascend
Future looking badly
When you do not have a friend
Sending you a copy
Of a verse i recommend
Walking down the lobby
While im countin dividends
Talking like a preacher
Words of lord they will come in
Preaching all these lies
To all the children and women

Came out the house
Won't catch me lacking
Bitch in a blouse
Damn she is packing
Eat her clit out
Got that bitch moaning

Red roses in the trash, you threw brutally
Heart broken, cause you show me all that cruelty
Soft spoken, used to see yo ass so beautifully
Soul stolen, yeah you took that shit right out of me
Mind frozen, stole my love without some loyalty
High doses, cause my thoughts is all full of anxiety
And the bitch across the room
Keep eyening me
But i dont fuck with hoes
Cause i got a wife beside me