Home Invasion
Hanging at the trap
With my friends
Need to make some money
Yeah we need to make ends
Meet, with the shooters in the back
We going in
Squad up in the tinted windows
Iced out fucking benz

We roll up to the spot
We getting out
We rushing in
Bust down thru the door
We clearin rooms
Up in yo den
Taking all yo jewelry
Best possesions
All that shit
Then you try to stop us
Shoot yo ass
I count to ten

Skirt off
Bitch burned up yo house
With a molotov
I killed all yo fam
Like the holocaust
You tried to test me
Look what that cost
Rolling off the bean
Make me wanna cough
I gotta talk
About all yall
Who actin tough
I call yo bluff
Kill like McGruff
I light the blunt
Then spark it up
I pour a eighth
Up in my cup
I never really
Gave a fuck
I pick her up
Up in my truck
I never wanna
Have good luck